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You know, I really truly “get” it, I was once too you know, so invisible, for such a long time. I have often called my first year at the University of Florida the year I had no words. Why? Because I think I went through a year of classes and didn’t speak more than a dozen words to anyone. I am quiet by nature, but heck, even that can be pretty lonely and hard to take. So much so, I left college and went home for a few years. Dr. Seuss was right though, a person’s a person no matter how small (tall, unique, etc). It’s tough being different, especially in a world where being different is more liability than blessing and conformity is the norm. Heck, I know from experience these sort of oddities often lead to enough bullying to make the strongest willed person quake along the edges. But the thing is, you can’t expect change in a person who refuses to see you as a person, just like they are. Lady Gaga is right, there really is no difference between the bully and the victim, but I add, except the bully lives in blindness created by hatred and often, insecurities and self-loathing.

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I can’t cure the bullies, trust me, I would if I could. But I can offer you this and you can trust me if your courage allows. Don’t ever be afraid of being you even though words hurt far more than fists ever will. But those words are theirs, you don’t have to own them and at some point, with learning and growing, youth falls away to adulthood and you will find that you aren’t invisible a’tall. You are a person, friend, co-worker, parent or just plain someone I would like to have as a friend. Hang in there, that Bullchit fades away to a bad but softened memory and you become surrounded by people just like you. People who love and appreciate you for your different-ness. I’m not just saying this, I have lived it and believe it or not, the bad actually helped me to become who I am today.

The take from? If someone(s) bullying you, seek the help of an adult, authority figure, or even a friend you can trust. But have faith and hope that one day, those bully’s will be gone because life is lived in chapters and we truly do get to turn the page to end one chapter only to find a nice new pristine white page ready for us to make a new happier chapter, we just have to be patient enough to finish our story. Hold on, hang in, and look inward at the beautiful person you are, because you truly are. Believe in me because I see you just as you see me, a fellow human.

11 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. It’s even worse when the person who is doing the bullying is someone that the victim loves. It becomes a shocking thing, something that renders the victim down to a state of paralysis. It becomes an impossibility for the victim to comprehend the cruelty of the bully because such actions are subhuman and belong in Hell. A whole chain of inhumanity can originate from a single jealous thought. This propensity towards the subhuman has to be overcome in our society before we can call ourselves anywhere near civilized. To point it out is the beginning.

    1. this is very true Aman, I have blogged it before from my own experience with a boyfriend. I was catatonic. Thank God for the best friends I have who dragged me out. All we can do is help those we can and educate those who need it.

  2. Your words ring so true Cao. As a kid who went through the receiving end of the bullies through my entire pre-college experience, all I can say is “AMEN.” Fear, self-loathing, shame, its all part of the scars during and well after. Thanks for such awesome blogs, my dear. And I promise I read this one more closely than the last one I commented on… 😛 Hey if its cold where you are, you remember Florida, right? Its 76 here in Ft LAuderdale today and the sun its a shinin’! Comawn down!

    xoxo Bri

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