Mortality Rates

Taylor and I have talked a little bit about moving in together, but dang, that is such a commitment. Half the time I think he only mentions it to see if I will break out in hives.. Again. I can’t help it, I like my stuff. I like my stuff and I like it right where it is. In fact, I like my stuff and I don’t want another persons stuff touching my stuff. Is anyone else out there this cuckcoo? I can’t help it, I was born this way. Well maybe not born this way, but its the way the cards fell as I aged. I mean, I hear, to know if someone is “the one” you should try to imagine them fifty years later. Yikes, I’m not sure who “that” guy is but he sure is wrinkly in all the wrong places and old. For the love of Pete, why the heck would I want him living with me and touching my stuff? Naw, I’m sure I’m not that bad, really.

Mortality RatesHair: Vanity Hair, Visionaire . Earrings: Purple Moon, Cubics in Heaven . Necklace: Alienbear, Almas .

But the thing is, sometimes I really need someone to take care of me. And I don’t mean in the “naughty” way. I mean yeah, once I accidentally bundled B.O.B. (the battery operated boyfriend) in with a pile of clothes and donated him to Goodwill (is there realy any more goodwill than that?), but B.O.B’s are easy to come by even on the worst of days, I hear you can even meet them online these days (Thank you New Jersey!). But, in the life or death instances sometimes I need a real partner. Like last night. Last night after dinner I went into the bedroom to change clothes, I brushed my hair, put on lotion and brushed my teeth. Heading back to the living room, I couldn’t open the door because the lotion on my hands was too slippery. I mean, I could have been stuck in there for days for crying out loud! Luckily, I just had to call out to Taylor, who rushed to save his damsel in distress. I kinda made that last part up, he mostly just laughed at me, pat my head, and told me I was “special.”

Mortality RatesGown: Inmonster, Dream **NEW** .

The take from? Sure, I’m okay, but those of you with “others” you’re okay too. It’s all just a choice. But as long as a vow only gives you two choices, for life or until death do you part, I think I’m probably going to have to pass. I don’t think I like those odds enough to jump into that lotto. Just some randoms thoughts, I’m moving kinda slow today.

10 thoughts on “Mortality Rates

  1. LOL a REAL “don’t touch my stuff” would have grabbed a pair of socks, slipped them over her hands and opened the door herself 😉

    Oh, so BOB went on holidays??? I surely wouldn’t want to see those vacation pics! o.O

    xoxox you are adorable, my lil Cao ♥

  2. Well here is what I think. Why do you have to live with him? Why can’t he “visit?” And why can’t you visit him? It is a grey world, Cao 🙂 But I get how to some it has to be black or white. Just think grey, visit each other, continue to care for each other and buy a new BOB 🙂 Just sayin’

  3. I cried the day my “RABBIT” died too, luckily I did not have to go far to replace it. I have lived it most ways Cao, Married, Living together, Same town Own Places. Me Florida Him Canada. For me would do the two countries thing again lol he visited every three months. But realistically If I could have all the benefits of a good relationship without giving up my place or having him move in then that is the way I would go. Yes you want someone there with and for you but for me I want it all and by All I mean my place my space and my man because sometimes relationships thrive more when you have to make an effort to spend time together . But you have to do what is best for you and if you question it a lot, keep thinking it over until you don’t then it may be the time…Hugs love you dollface

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