Slinging Hash

Some things in Second Life really bother me. The first and foremost, is some peoples need to traumatize or debase another human being. You do realize their is a living breathing human being behind those pixels right? Didn’t your mama raise you to act better? I don’t get this behavior to be honest, but apparently it has happened again. And like coming upon the scene of a horrific accident, every one rubber necks to see what’s going on. I’d like to say I’m not that way, but earlier today I found myself wandering through a certain “report” blog, well, until I started to feel greasy and cheap that is. I’d not been there in years, but I see, some things never change. But the sad fact is, that site probably gets more hits than most major corporations get in a day. What’s up with that? And what exactly does it say about us?

Slinging HashHair: D!va, Astralia **Collabor88** . Glasses: (Goucci), oversized .

I mean don’t get me wrong, we all have opinions about probably just about everything, but when did it become politically correct to feel that everyone is entitled to our opinion? I know, tough sell from a blogger who spends a great deal of time blogging her opinion, right? I just hope at the end of the day the opinion pieces I do partake in are at least 99% unbiased or for the most part an opinion about an act or group, not an individual. I’ll have to meditate on that one a bit, so for now my jury is out. But seriously, why attack another individual, call them a has been, or wanna be, or never will be. Is that even productive if you DO happen to have an agenda? I would think probably not. Sure, you might hurt the person you are inflicting the comment on, but seriously, what do you gain? And besides that, do you even know who this person has standing with them, possibly a person who is on both of your “teams”? You might find you cut off your nose to spite your face because from what I’ve seen, people tend to side with the victim, not the attacker. And if the friends do stick with you, how long do you think it will be before they one day turn on you because that kind of group tends to act like a pack of back-biting dogs in most cases.

Slinging HashDress: Baiastice, Yara . Clutch: Baiastice, Yara clutch .

But to just randomly throw a negative comment out there about a person really isn’t in good form because quite honestly it typically makes the commentor look like a jealous shrew. ‘Least, from what I just read, I reckon it shore looks that way. The take from? When you set out your day to start slinging hash at another, you may need to look inside and figure out why you are so bitter with yourself you have to attack others. But, wait, let me help you. I happen to have a nice little mantra I sometimes have to say to myself, and I hope you will use it too, “Judge me all you want, but keep the verdict to yourself.” Sounds so simple, judge me all you want, but keep the verdict to yourself. Lest some day you may find the verdict is capitulated back at you because those who love to judge vocally, tend to have a long list of jurors waiting to judge them back. Well thats just my 10 cents worth anyway. As for the model who was attacked? I suggest you answer your attacker this way, “you have one advantage over me, YOU can kiss my arse, and I can’t” and leave it at that.

11 thoughts on “Slinging Hash

  1. Well I am one that firmly believes we are all entitled to our own opinions, But I don’t know about some hidden rule that says we must always share it or try to force others to share it. I think I saw the site you spoke of maybe two years ago and I have not been back sense. But I love the you can kiss my Arse and I can’t hehe that cracked me up. Keep making a splash Bo……Errrrrm Cao ❤

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