Shuttin’ Up

Layin’ off and laying low, probably something I should have done two years ago. But what a roller coaster its been! I want to leave you (for now) with something to think about, especially those of the sort with young children (especially girls). The movie The Help was on TV recently and though my parents were in no way racist like the adults in that movie, I too was raised for the most part by our household “help” and in every way, I was her surrogate child, she was my surrogate mum. I love her to this day, so very much. Which brings me to the “something to think about.” The character Aibileen poignantly tells us nine words we should say to our children, or in my situation God children, every time we see them. Every time, lest they forget.

Shuttin' Up Hair/Hat: Miamai, Degarda . Necklace: (yummy), Satin Pearls . Earrings: [Mandala], Polly .

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” Children feel stress and rejection and a little self affirmation goes a long way to repelling them both. I’ll admit it, I am an adult and there are so many moments in a day when I don’t feel kind, smart, OR important. Heck, I bet there are times when most people feel insecure and unloved, somehow not enough. Remember all those times you tried to achieve “something” and fell short? ding! All those loves lost? ding! The times someone doesn’t have time for you? ding! Unfortunately, that’s life. If we could just believe those nine words, instill them into others, think of the legacy we could create around us.

Shuttin' Up Skirt: *LpD*, Orchid Skirt . Top: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Paris .

The take from? You is kind, not be kind, you ARE kind, you do not have to be cruel to succeed. You is smart, just because you can’t make the grade of some fictional average standard it doesn’t mean you aren’t smart, it mean’s you are learning different and that’s truly OK too. And you is important, you aren’t “special” you are IMPORTANT, you are in fact vital and capable of being the catalyst of change in your life time. All you have to do is believe with all your heart, those nine simple words, not because a silly Cao said so, but because they are true of each of us. Have a happy weekend!

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