Avatar Mesh Head: The Shops Skinmaker

I finally figured out how to purchase the new mesh head floating around SL lately. It is really neat in that it blinks and the mouth moves much the same as a real mouth. Every time I tried to put my eyelashes in the right place, i.e. on my eyes, I crashed. I don’t know if it was SL or the head creating the chaos though. But, about 6,000L’s later, I think I’ll just keep my Cao face. I’m kinda attached to it like that. I hope your weekend is the best ever! ❤

AvatarHead: Just a Cao

21 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. I kinda prefer your face too! If everyone buys the mesh face.. where is the ýou’? Everyone will have the same nose, the same mouth.. And I know it is your style that makes you ‘you’.. but still. I love the variety in facial features. Sliders RULE!

    1. I bought eyebrows but I think this is with it but I am not 100% sure bc sl was such a wander today. As I said every time I tried to move the lashes to my eyes I crashed 😦 so when I removed the brows they may not have come off.

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