Neeps and Tatties

Neeps and Tatties

I know, I know! Friday I said I would officially sit down and shup up until Relay for Life/Fashion for Life kicked in, but dang it all, then Draxtor Despres happened. I am sure so many of you know of him, he is legend in the SL Outbound Communications Network and a recent The Drax Files You-Tube episode of his hit me flat out betwixt my approximately 250L Sea Hole dress and the matching 150L handbag. What the ‘ell am I talking about? It means the money I spent to throw this blog up today could have fed 4 children in Kenya. Heck, throw in the hairs, jewelry and makeup and I could have probably fed closer to 8. Small, the knowledge of this makes me feel very small. Here I woke up without a thought to hunger, made coffee, a protein shake and a cup of yogurt and I wasn’t even the slightest bit hungry before I ate. What have you eaten today? Did you have to worry whether you would be hungry? Or did you, like I often do, only worry about what you were going to do today?

100 Lindens, that’s all it takes to feed a child. 100 Lindens, or .30 cents USD! Can you believe it? Put it in this perspective, Over the weekend I spend 6500 L’s to blog a mesh head I will probably never wear again. I missed the opportunity to help 65 children in need. But I won’t anymore. I have no musical talent, so I can’t offer sound, but I can offer Brique Topaz of Lavender Fields ( ) my wallet, and my word. Because in the talent department, that is humbly all I have.

Neeps and Tatties

The take from? Yeah, its time. We all have something to offer, even if it’s just a hundred of our hard earned Lindens. Watch the You Tube video and think about it today and see how it feels on you. As for me? I’ve now listened 4 times and I may be blogging in the nude next week, but I can’t let this moment go by without doing something. I hope you will too.

Hair: D!va, Miso **COLLABOR88** Taxi:
Dress/Bag: Sea Hole, Tentacles Taxi:
Necklace: Kungler’s TamarindoTaxi:

5 thoughts on “Neeps and Tatties

  1. Absolutely true. Sometimes, we think we have problems, but considering how much we have, and how so very little of what we have and spend so frivolously can go so far, it’s astonishing we can bring ourselves to complain about “not having enough”.

    1. hey! You know, I think I may have read somewhere the store closed inworld, but I am not 100% sure. if you would like, link my pic to Drinkinstein Sorbet and perhaps she can tell you where it available? I do know there is some still on the MP, but not sure if this one is specifically. Let me know if you can’t find it, I will see if I can help! 😀

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