What if

If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love. ~ Maya Angelou

What ifHair: Tram, B427 . Hat: Lode, Mone **L’Accessoires** . Heart Makeup: Miamai, Valentines Cheeks **L’Accessoires** .

You know something, being alone on Valentine’s really sucks. Though I’m not alone this Valentines, being an “other” is a rarity for this solitary Cao. Heck, I’ve been there so many times I’ve even bought myself those awful chocolates in the heart-shaped box a time or two. You know the ones? They’re from the drugstore and you end up throwing half of them out because the center’s are rather suspect? But on the other hand, I’ve had some memorable “significant other” free Valentines as well, so take it to heart if thats you. I mean most of us typically have a BFF who is also free, so whose to say Valentines can’t be spent with a friend as opposed to a partner? One of my best Valentines ever, me and my besty went for a massage, facial, mani and pedi, and picked up take out Italian, not pizza, really, really good Italian. You know the stuff, it has the pasta, rich garlicky tomato sauce and a gooey cheese that strings down your chin as you eat it? She brought the wine and we chick-flicked the night away. It’s not the same as having a date on this most sacred holiday of lover’s, but in most ways, I’d say it was better. There was no artifice, no spanx, we ran around in Pajama’s, we “laughed too loud” and said inappropriate things, but it was OK because what we said wasn’t leaving the building.

What if..Lingerie: Countdown, Charlotte **NEW** . Flower Necklace: Zibska, Amorette **L’Accessoires** . Bunnies: Atelier Visconti, Happy Bunny **L’Accessoires** .

The best part about a best friend Valentine’s is they “get” you, and dimes to donuts through shared experience there are few topics that can’t be discussed. ‘Ell at one point I reckon we got mighty tipsy toasting to the many attributes we hated about our exes, because face it, there is typically a good reason why they are exes. And missing them just because of a stupid holiday, well that’s senseless.

What if.. Shoos: Miamai, Tentatio High Pumps *L’Accessoires . Round w.Poses: Katinks, Round Sofa (color and fabric change) *NEW* .

Take from? Sure, I get it. Valentines is supposed to be spent with your “one true love.” But since when do we have to let a greeting card company direct what the one true is? At the end of the day, it’s just another day in the many, many days you will live. Doesn’t it make sense to fulfill all of your days with the love and smiles of those you love? All of them, not just one? Just a thought from an introspective feeling Cao. Just know, this Friday? For what’s it’s worth, I’m thinking of you and wishing you a Happy Valentines day, Won’t you Be Mine?

16 thoughts on “What if

  1. You look adorable little moo! This V Day shall be extra special for me, but I promise not to forget to include ALL those near and dear. ❤ ❤

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