I Promise To

I Promise ToHair:Tram C407 . Glasses: Steinwerk, Etienne . Earrings: Kunglers, Lexie **L’Accessories** .

Yeah I know, my style has nothing to do with the title, but this was thrown on me a day ago and I shoot my pictures on the weekend but in a way, it fits. This friend fits casually into my life style like a well worn soft and fuzzy sweatshirt. I mean that in the best of ways. Winter always brings that out of me. The second I get home I leave a trail of work clothes from the front door, down the hall, to the bedroom where I don a new (to me) favorite beaten up old college sweatshirt that belongs to my moosh (Taylor). Get it? I’m a little moo and he’s my moosh. Yeah, I’m subtle like that. Throw in some socks and thats my evening wear. But this isn’t about me, or my lack of grace. This is a toast (slàinte) to my XiuXiu Bean, http://www.flickr.com/photos/xiulanquan/ on the eve of the biggest day of her life, tomorrow she will marry for the first and only time, to the beloved man of her dreams.

I Promise ToTop/Skirt: Ricielli, Minitop/HiWaist Skirt . Collar: Modern Couture, Seductions **L”Accessoires** .

Xiu, I wish you more valleys than hills in your travels together. I pray though you love and cherish him, you remain a person, not just become a couple and continue to enjoy those things you alone are passionate for. I beg you never fight over money, it’s a senseless argument as there never seems to be enough of it to go around. I hope you never go to bed angry, choosing to hold each other close and discuss that which doesn’t quite fit. That in those moments you disagree, you write each others transgressions in sand, not stone, so that the morning rain will wash them away. And that in this, this mature love, you find you do not spend the time looking at one another, but spend it more wisely looking outward in the same direction forging a future that is a testimony to both of your lives legacy’s. And last, but certainly not least, I pray you both always remember marriage isn’t truly 50/50. There will be times when he gives 10% and you 90% but other times when you give less and he gives more. It is in these times of mutual disproportionate sharing that love builds the rock of its creation from which your family tree will take root, thrive and blossom.

The take from? Words are what brought you to me XiuXiu Bean. The richest thing I own is words, so what sort of friend would I be to hold them to myself and not share them with you on this, the eve of the rest of your life. Godspeed to you both.

2 thoughts on “I Promise To

  1. Little moo…
    I promised myself I wouldn’t get all mushy with this marriage thing and here you go blowing that all to heck! I am so deeply touched by this…your words are the most touching gift we could receive from a friend; on our wonderful day. Thank you for the heartfelt thoughts and reminders…may they become my daily mantras.

    He is patient and kind…and already knows the “wife code” well, since I am his fourth one lol. He is also still friends with his ex wives…so that says a lot about him. I wasn’t looking and was quite happy with my life as a single woman…we just sort of bumped into one another in SL and just fit…like a favorite pair of slippers…or your favorite shirt from your moosh. It just works…and two years later it is still a wonderful journey filled with challenges and joys.

    Thank you, again, for this beautiful blessing. ❤ ❤

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