Gimme a Sec I’m Eating My Foot

“You will have many opportunities in life to keep your mouth shut: You should take advantage of every one of them.” ~ Thomas Edison

Gimme a Sec I'm Eating My FootCrown: Violator, Empire Crown . Earring: ^^Swallow^^, Groupie . Eye makeup: Zibska .

As an introvert, I often marvel at how fast other people can talk. Sometimes, when I’m in a meeting or in a big group, I don’t speak up as quickly as I should, if at all. As I’m sitting there, formulating my thoughts, someone else chimes in over me. It’s frustrating and the extroverts definitely have the advantage. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean what I was going to say is unimportant, it just takes me a little bit longer to get there. Kinda like “you go on ahead, I’ll be there in a minute.” It’s probably not the best practice in modern business, because by the time you get there all the good stuff is likely going to be gone. Lately though, my focus has gone off my thoughts just a bit and I seem to have misplaced myself somehow. I was asked to be a director of a section of a modeling school and I originally accepted the position, it is a dream of a job and an honor to boot. I adore the people I work for and with, and I’ve been know to enjoy the friendship of a great number of models as well. Win-Win, right?

Gimme a Sec I'm Eating My FootDress: Violator, Jardin **NEW** . Clutch: 22769, Seconds . Shoos: Diktator, Dare .

Maybe so, maybe not. The events of the past few days has given me a moments pause, and as I sit here and do what I do best, think before I speak, I realize somewhere, along the way, I not only jumped the track, I never made it to the train station. If I didn’t know better I’d almost sware I missed the bus too. Have you ever spent time with someone who just blabbed on and on and after you sat and listened to them a bit, you wondered what the ‘ell they were even talking about anymore? I listen to myself and that’s what I hear lately. Taking a person to task on my blog? A year ago, I would have said “not ever going to happen.” I look at me now and wonder where the davil the old me went, maybe I’m the one whose avatar was hacked and replaced by a loon, only I was such an idjit, it’s taken me over a years worth of oxygen and one persons comment to me in private, for me to figure it all out. In the World War’s of Second Life, I’ve always steadfastly sunbathed on the balmy beaches of Switzerland. That said, I do believe all things happen for a reason. Just as this moment did.

The take from? Yep, even when I’m blogging about me, to me, I tend to give even me a take from. I think I will have decline the position within this organization and I am truly sorry if I let anyone down. Yeah, I know, the way I’ve been rolling lately I think I just heard screams of jubilee. But, no matter how happy this decision probably made them, I’m doing it for me. I need to back away and re-locate the me that really lives here. As for you, if you happen to see a wayward lil Cao wandering about looking like a lost sheep, tell her I’m lookin’ for her. I’ll keep a light on, just in case.

17 thoughts on “Gimme a Sec I’m Eating My Foot

  1. I am the one that needs to take the advice from Mr. Edison. I stick my foot in my mouth way too often. But, Cao, you say what you mean and mean what you say and we all love you just because you are you.

    1. but sometimes it just doesn’t need to be said. But this does, I just adore each and everyone of you and what you bring to my life, so so much happiness. Thank you for YOU Kaciee 🙂 xo

  2. And I bet if I did see that lost little sheep she would be dressed to the nines and fabulously accessorized, I am of a mind however to think that she has a natural compass and its the rest of the flock who is/are sometimes very lost….baaaahhhh that’s just me saying, one of the few other idjits over yonder who no capito half the stuff in SL anyway. Rock on and bask on in the sunny beaches Cao. Love from Lala land.

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