Brilliance. And the Winner Is..

Don’t let people disrespect you. My mom says don’t open the door to the devil. Surround yourself with positive people. ~ Cuba Gooding, Jr

BrillianceHat: .Enfant terrible, Chapeau De Chocolat Paris Vanilla **Gacha** . Hair: Exile: Shine **Gacha** . Skin: Glam Affair, Aria **gacha** .

Many say I live a gifted life, I tend to disagree, I feel I live a life that is a gift but in this life many gifts have been bestowed upon me. They were not a rite of birth but gifts found like little treasures along the way. I cherish them all, especially this time and place. This time that has allowed me to explore life with all of you and this place that has given me a chalkboard from which to write about all that I see, hear and feel, no matter how silly it may seem at times.

BrillianceStatue: [commoner], Award statuette **gacha** . Sideboard: Leezu!, Sophia **gacha** . Poufs: Sway, Unicorn, Fox & Cow **gacha** .

But also I cherish the gift of all of you. When people ask me how I get to where I am, I always respond surround yourself with brilliance, let the people around you shine and you will look just a little bit brilliant yourself. Thank you for all these smiles and laugh’s, tears and hugs. Every evening when I wander away, as cow’s are known to do, I wander with a happy smile and a heart filled with love and friendship. Tonight, before each of you; my friends, family, loves, posse, pals, followers, mistaken link clickers, FB peekers and Second Lifer’s log for the night, I hope you smile and feel a heart full of joy and love as well, especially a special soft little spot for me. Just like I hold for all of you. Edit: I realize I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a huge thank you to the people at SLink who gave me such wonderful customer service today. Thank you! Thank you! As most of you know, I am typically barefoot in my pics (and when inworld) and always wear mesh hands and feet, though I always forget to “shout it out” the only brand I wear is SLink.

brilliance and the winner isDress: *LpD* <3, Tune **NEW** . Hair: D!va, Love **NEW** .

*LpD*: *LpD*: Taxi:

10 thoughts on “Brilliance. And the Winner Is..

      1. No the Exile Hair lol. The black should be a RARE as everyone is trying for it and no one wants to trade it either. I will prevail though. Never met a gacha I couldn’t coax what I wanted out of it…eventually.

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