Wandering Away

Wanderin AwayHair: Vanity Hair, Spooky **NEW** . Knickers: Baiastice, Cynzya **New** .

Ever have one of those weekends where everything is so perfect you don’t want to spoil it? Yep me too. This weekend. Yesterday my beloved Gator basketball team won (go Gators!) and I spent the day with my mum. We went to the local home store and finished figuring out what I wanted to do with my kitchen. She’s a phenom at that type of stuff. She was the designated driver, we weren’t drinking, but I let her drive. It seems so odd to see a 5 foot nothing little woman driving a big car like that. I agree with Seinfeld, when people grow old everything about them gets smaller and smaller.. except their cars, they just get bigger.

Wandering AwayKnickers: Maitreya, Girdle .

I wanted to blog this today because tomorrow I am going to continue blogging the upcoming Saviad Spring Fashion Fair. It starts on March 15th, 2014. YAY! I’ll be honest with you, and I seldom say this, but everything I styled and shot pictures of so far is simply amazing. So much so I am having a hard time deciding what to blog first. So when I blog this week I am showing these incredible designs in no particular order other than in the order I received them because quite simply, I love it all.

The take from? Yep, the title. I am wandering away but will be back tomorrow. It seems the real world is calling me and I think I just might hear the beach begging me to come for a visit. I hope your Sunday is simply divine!

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