WaneI get a lot of miles out of my cow poof. Some days I just sit on it for hours and don’t move. I hope no one ever sits on my head when I’m not looking

Just going to throw the pictures up today, and snitching a meme from my friend Wendz Tempest ( http://cozeyinsl.wordpress.com/2014/03/23/sunday-sevensies-13/ ). I’ve been outlandishly busy at work with a lot of deadlines coming up. So here goes: Thirteenth week of the year already! Click here ( http://asgardianthunder.tumblr.com/post/12903597383/the-most-in-depth-30-day-character-development-meme ) for today’s source of awkward random questions. Its an interesting meme, mostly questions for your ‘character’. In this case, my avatar, in first person.

WaneI know it’s hard to believe, but I am really a blond, I know, an Asian whose blond, rare right? I really am! I sware!

1. How do you usually dress?
Though it’s rumored I refuse to wear anything but knicker’s out in public, I must confess, many times I wear nothing a’tall. Geesh, mom, I’m just kidding! I like to dress with classy elegance, like in the picture above. Naw, really, I just go out in knickers, just ask my besty Draakje Dailey, because I’m sure she’d rat me out anyway.

2. What do you smell like? (right now)
I’d like to say Chanel No.5, but to be honest, I logged out yesterday without showering, or even bothering to change, and since I’ve had the same outfit on all weekend I probably smell like 3 day old avatar.. You know, that smell you smell when you dig to the bottom of your gym bag and find a nasty pair of sweaty socks you forgot to take out a week ago? Yeah probably about like that.

3. What is your favorite time of day?
I prefer 3PM, that’s the time where I can play with the shadows the most when taking photos.

waneSee Isn’t this a gorgeous 3PM shadow? Not to be confused with a 5 o’clock shadow mind you.. I have that thing waxed right off!

4. What are some of your more notable merits and flaws?
I think my most notable “merit” is I am pretty darn approachable. I don’t think I’ve ever ignored any one in Second Life. Well, I take that back, I ignore myself all the time, but other than that. Yeah, just me. Flaw, lord have mercy, I am trying to write this blog quickly, I don’t have enough time in the day to state all my flaws, virtual or non.

5. Stuck in a waiting room. Which magazine do you pick up?
EEEEEK! I wouldn’t dream of touching a public magazine. I am a major germ-a-phobe. When I have to go to the doctor, I wait outside the building for my turn. Luckily I’ve had the same doctors a long time and they just know, that’s just Cao.

6. How are you with technology?
I am unashamedly a quasi-geek. I think high tech is sexy!

7. Share your favorite read of the week..
I’d have to say my fave read this week was my besty Peep Sideshow. I can’t help it, she’s funny as feck. ( http://picsbypeep.com/ )

Poses: Diesel Works, Mo Mo poses
Hands/Feet: SLink
Nails: Nailed It!, Blooming **SAVIAD**
Hairs: Truth, Maisy
Shirt: *Diram*, Chanel Top
Pants: GizzA, Voyage Hi-waist pant
Belt: *Diram*, Shena belt
Tote: MonTissu, Tote Straw
Shoos: Miamai, Barbarella Stud **NEW**
Bracelet: MG, Bangles
Watch: [Mandala], Sitennoah

24 thoughts on “Wane

  1. you’d still smell like chanel even at the bottom of the gym bag js! Impeccable styling and the magazine thing I so relate sistah lol need to carry tongs or something to flip pages

  2. OMG! SQUEEEEE and all that girly stuff! I made your list!

    lol you are just so darned cute…I adore that you wait outside at the Dr’s office. I do go inside, but I sit in a back corner where nobody else goes and I read from the Kindle app on my phone. There’s more than one way to kill time while avoiding germies 😉

      1. OMG Cao…your words just gave me the chills! I have enjoyed becoming a part of the SL modeling community so much, and that is mainly due to meeting such amazing people like you. I feel like you just blessed me! *laughs and envisions Cao doing some sort of religious modeling gesture over her bowed head* XOXOXO!!

  3. From one germ phobe to the other germ phobe.. Aren’t smartphones the BEST thing ever! No need to touch anything else, you can read all you want on there and the only germs present are your own! Just sayin’.. Unfortunatly I can’t wait outside since my doctors are in a HUGE building and no where near an entrance (or exit). So you can imagine my anguish when waiting in the waiting area with obvious hospital odeurs.

  4. Girls without there phone hahaha, this is something so normal now. I have my phone everywhere with me 😉

    Great style on this cao i love it and if you miss the poof (still jalous on you) then you know where to find it *grins*

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