The Earth is Like a Child

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. ~ Hal Borland

The Earth is Like a ChildHair: Tableau Vivant, Gloster **NEW @ the Deck** . Hat: *Lode*, My Red Poppy .

I’ve had a hard time styling much of anything the past few days, wasting more Lindens than actually finding a concrete style. I did finally come up with a concept, black and white, but then awoke rather sluggishly to a world that had grown cold overnight whilst I slept comfortably snuggled in my comforter. As I trudged awkwardly to my car for work, purse, briefcase and lunch perched precariously to any limb available, I felt a moments delirium, set them all down and just looked about. It was cold, but in the chill, the birds, their songs filled with chirps, thrums, hoots and whistles continued on with their symphony refusing to let winter have another minute of their fine Spring day. As I stood there mute, fully embracing the wonder of this Earth, the many gifts nature bestows on us, food, drink, air, soil, and the many miracles of life I drank them all in, letting it’s energy flow through me.

The Earth is Like a ChildDress: Living Imagination, Blooming Beauty **Saviad Spring Fair** . Butterflys: Desir, part of the Liana outfit I am blogging tomorrow .

Refreshed, imbued with exuberance, I walked back into my condo, called work and said I would be a little late, opened the back balcony doors to better hear the birds and the ocean, and reshot my blog pictures in a way that I hope better honor this cherished gift from Earth. To take a moment to just breathe and celebrate the physical and spiritual enveloping of nature, all things tranquil and exhilarating, like poetry and prayer, chocolate brownies right out of the oven, the gaze of wonder in a child’s face when they see the ocean, the cacophonous rapture of thanks the birds sing joyfully each morning, the vibrant splash of blinding colors of the sweetly dewy flowers. I can not sit in black and white, I must join the song and sight of nature, to be a part, to be one small cog, to be of and in it all, a willing, joyful, thankful participant.

Take from? No winter lasts forever, shed this one like a snake sheds it’s skin. Fill your heart and soul with the beauty you see. Drink until drunk the scent of the flowers as they optimistically open their beauty to you. And be still and listen to the joy as the birds serenade you with hope. Lose it all, all this dead weight, grief, sadness and anger. Just lose it all. Life is gloriously good.

Makeup: Mons
Skin: Lara Hurley
Pose: .Slouch
Hands/Feet: SLink

9 thoughts on “The Earth is Like a Child

  1. I haven’t always been a morning person. I’m still not, ,in terms of brain function, but I now love being up early. This is the time of day when there is no music blaring for me – the only time. Instead, as I have my morning cup of coffee with my lil Cao, I sit with the balcony door open, listening to the birds and this morning, the gentle rain. It does refresh me and give me the energy to get on with my day 🙂


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