March Madness

All in the wild March-morning I heard the angels call; It was when the moon was setting, and the dark was over all; The trees began to whisper, and the wind began to roll, And in the wild March-morning I heard them call my soul.~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

March Madness

I’m wandering off for the day, with a little angst and a lot of joy. My friend is going to have a girl, though if I had my druthers she’d have a boy. 😉 Yep time to go have a party for an upcoming new addition, the age old celebration called a baby shower. Woot! Have a gorgeous weekend and please remember to spread love to those about you.

March Madness

Congrats to all you Kentucky Wildcat fans, just typical you’d ruin my bracket since I had Louisville in the final two. I can’t catch a break! This year has been the best ten dollars I’ve ever lost. 😀 Ah ‘ell and credits on Monday, I left my cheat sheet on my desk at work. Bad, bad Cao. ❤

Hair: Tuty’s
Hat(s): *Lode*
Collar: Glam Affair
Shirt/pants: OVH

13 thoughts on “March Madness

    1. Crap I promise to credit tomorrow! I just tried to give you the LM from my cell but your name didn’t come up on my cell/sl. Which is odd.. but you will find it. It’s overhigh. Lots of great stuff there. ♡

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