Haute Caoture

“Even truth needs to be clad in new garments if it is to appeal to a new age.”- George Lichtenberg

zibska1 Hair: Epoque, Sharp . Eye Makeup: Zibska, Reele and Emine **2014 SKIN Fair** . Lips: LovelyMi, Fairy ❤ .

Every once in a while I drop little hints to up and coming models, so if you are one. Here it is. Grab a LM to Zibska and keep it handy, especially if you are taking part in any of the more detailed style contests. Ok, pay attention! Again, grab a LM to Zibska and keep it handy, especially if you are taking part in any of the more detailed style contests. Why? Because I’ve often said designers who let you modify their stuff are worth their weight in gold, they truly are. If you find one, your imagination can be limitless. I can remember times, in style contests when I would take pieces of designers outfits, especially pieces of pieces, unlink them, shrink so tiny the parts I didn’t want seen and hide them in my body to create something completely new. I mean, if I can do it, so can you. Your imagination can be limitless. I didn’t edit these outfits, more just mixed them up because I wanted to keep their integrity so I am blogging Zibska’s clothes, not blogging a particular style, but all pieces have a lot of functionality to them and Berit (below) is also color change.

Haute CaotureJewelry: Zibska, Berit **Saviad Spring Fair* See Peep? twinsy! Shorts: little bones, Malibu highwaist . Top: Baiastice, plain bikini .

Today is the last day of the Saviad Spring Fair ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SaliMar/180/177/2804 ) and they are ending it with a huge party at 2PM SLT. All are invited and DJ Riri Bazar will be spinning the tunes, so don’t miss! The best part? They are giving away that huge jahonkin prize today to one lucky individual. The winner will have the chance of winning a box with the exclusive releases from the sponsors: Sys, Gizza, Gabriel, Dead Dollz, HMEAM, Azul, LPD, Elysium, Sonatta Morales, Zibska, Pure Poison, Lybra. Heck, I wish I could win all that loot!

Haute CaotureBlue Dress/collar: Zibska, Roz **Saviad Spring Fair** . Skirt/Hat: Zibska, Sadie Noir **Saviad Spring Fair** .

Well I am going to be more under the radar than present this next few weeks because I have a looming project deadline and much to do, but I’ll be thinking about you all and wondering what trouble you are getting into. Oh and if you get in that kinda trouble I can’t afford the bail right now, my floors and kitchen are ripped out. 😉 But if you need me, you all know where to find me, email, FB, NC inworld. But in all ways, I hope you enjoy the world you reside in.

7 thoughts on “Haute Caoture

  1. Hope your Projects finish well and…..well fast. I will miss you even though I know you will not deprive us entirely . Love the styling and I say again I LOVE that skin on you. Hugs Dollface, see you soon I am going to Zibska…………………………again lol

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