Imaginative Vision

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. ~ Cecil Beaton

Imaginative VisionEar Speakers: [RO] Remarkable Oblivion, Super Bass Rab8 **Fameshed** . Hair: Dura, Boy08 **one of the Japan Fair Designers** YAY! . Makeup: Mons . Necklace: Ison, Nova Tribe .

Yeah I’m on that high gravity roll again. It’s been a while. I can’t help it though, there is so much negativity running amok these days in my social media ilk! Especially in someone I would actually call in my Second Life “inner circle.” Just like everyone else in life, I have had let down’s of a major category, I’ve had sadness and disappointments. I mean heck, show me one person who hasn’t and I’ll show you a habitual liar because I am pretty darn sure at some point we all have regretted, been letdown or were bummed out. But if you find that overall your life is continually one act short of a Shakespearean drama, perhaps it’s not life, maybe it’s your view. There is one true thing I have learned in life; to be a winner you have to believe you can be one. In essence, if we could just change our attitude, we would not only see life differently, but by seeing it differently our life would truly change. You are your own destiny. No one else can fulfill this role, only you can. Sounds a tad wonky doesn’t it? But it’s true and people have been telling us this for years. “To have a friend be one” (Emerson), “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the steps”(Confucius), “Many people have ideas on how others should change; few people have ideas on how they should change.”(Tolstoy) There are so many of these quotes, but basically they apply to all aspects of our lives. They ingrain in us that if we want something to change; only we can be the catalyst to perpetuate the change. Only we can. Me. I. You.

Imaginative VisionBra Top: Faster Pussycat, Spike Bikini **NEW** . Shorts: H.O.F. Color Me House of Fox, Lola Short . Boots: Maitreya, Thigh High . Bag: [glow] studio, Spiked bag .

Take from? Yep! It seems a lot of times we just trod through life a day at a time, always settling for the status quo. Why not question yourself, is this all there is? Face it, we all have different desires and needs. It’s doubtful my needs, or yours, are the exact same as anyone else’s. But the crux of the problem is, if we don’t take the time to discover exactly what we want from OURSELVES, to learn what we truly stand for, we will always continue to live our lives passively and unfulfilled. Who wants to wake up at 78 and feel unfulfilled? Not a lot of “do-over” time left after that age. At least I don’t think there will be, though that almost qualified as the equivalent statement a six year old makes when they look at a 34 year old and says “wow you are so old.” I think the point is, quiet, qualify, and quality. Take a moment to be still, to quiet the outside world, and qualify the needs most important to you, because only then will you lead a quality and fulfilling life. Well, that’s just my take on it anyway. Ruminate it for what it’s worth to you. Only 3 days until 2014 Japan Fair! I am so excite I can taste it!

12 thoughts on “Imaginative Vision

  1. Love those ears Cao! I sooo going to get me some as soon as I can be in SL! And the comment about a 6 year old thinking a 34 year old is OLD cracked me up. I deal with that on a daily basis, tho for me it is 8 year olds and I am…well let’s just say they think I am OLD! 😉 *HUGS*

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