I don’t ever want to seem like I’m trying to command attention through the way I dress – but I have certainly been known to wear everything from a flamboyant suit to something very mellow and classic. I aim to just look and feel confident. ~Cam Newton

AdriftJacket: …Scars…, Tailored Jacket (mens) w or wo shirt **2014 Japan Fair .

I’ve momentarily lost my muse, so not much to say today. I’ll be back soon enough though. No worries. In the mean time, go and check out the 2014 Japan Fair, with mixed proceeds going to ShelterBox ( ). This jacket is a men’s offering. You can wear it with or without the pattern changing shirt. A nice addition as a staple to any wardrobe. The knickers are Baiastice, I reckon I couldn’t find any clean jeans in my closet yesterday. But it’s okay, I didn’t even go out in public, choosing to lay low and have a mellow Sunday. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are having a negative gravity Monday! As for the alphabet blog, “D” is for this dandy jacket worn in such a daring way. 😉

scarsKnickers: Baiastice, Cynaga . Hair: Boon, SGK120 .

Japan Fair: Taxi:

4 thoughts on “Adrift

  1. You haven’t lost anything.. and looking good. I like that hair I must go check it out. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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