If I could.

If I could I would always work in silence and obscurity, and let my efforts be known by their results.~ Emily Bronte

If I couldHair: Tram, C407 . Headpiece: Glam Affair, Dahlia **NEW** .

632,604L’s . 2-1/2 Shelter Boxes . 2-1/2 families. Are you a part? Have you come to see yet? What if the person who needed shelter after a disaster was your friend, family, or even you? Would you wish you had helped a little more? How often do you get to participate in a project where 100% of Lindens received goes straight to the charity involved but with the caveat you receive something in return? By organizing this event, we hope to assist in introducing amazing Japanese creators, artists, and entertainers to the world. This event is a charity event where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to ShelterBox ( http://www.shelterbox.org ). The Japanese people received support from the world through this organization in 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. We would be very happy if we could re-pay even a little for the amazing support we received during the most difficult times. This event will be from April 5 to April 20, and we will introduce many amazing creators, artists and entertainers, all from Japan, to the rest of the world.. Link to Japan Fair:

If I couldDress: Shiki, Joyful Spring **2014 Japan Fair**

Events this weekend include:

4/12(Sat) 6:30amslt 日本時間4月12日(土)22:30~
MIX Brand SHOW 1 & Dance and Music Laboratory Exhibition produced by Japanese Model team & (10ブランドによるミックスショーと エキシビジョンショー)Mix Show with 9 brands

4/13(Sun) 6amslt & 6pmslt 日本時間4/13(日)22:00~ / 翌14日10:00~ DURA SHOW produced by BLVD Agency

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