On Color

mono·chro·mat·ic adjective \ˌmä-nə-krō-ˈma-tik\ : having or made up of one color or shades of one color ~ Merriam Webster

On ColorHat: ~Ghee~, silver grey . Hair: Boon, Dare . Earring: [Mandala], Senjyu Snow .

I rather oddly picture our world as completely void of color and it is our purpose in life to add color in any way we like. In essence we add color to peoples lives daily, whether its peaceful or angry colors, it is up to us to decide. But the most magical color is white which seems to have no color a’tall. It is actually made of every known color. I kind of like to create a colorful world, don’t you?

On ColorDress: ~Ghee~, Lavender Stonewashed Silk Drape **The Monochromatic Fair** . Clutch: [RO] Remarkable Oblivion, Clutch . Shoos: [Gos], Bordello **NEW** .

The Monochromatic Fair ( http://wedosl.blogspot.com.br/ ) is coming April 18th to May 2nd, 2014. I hope you get a chance to attend, it looks like it will be a rather colorful event. Have a gorgeously colorful evening! As for me, I reckon it’s as good a time as any to go off to stare at the sunset.

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