On Hope

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. ~ Charles Dickens

On HopeKimono: [AY], Ninja (Kunoichi) “Ran” **2014 Japan Fair** .

1,225,384 Lindens = @4,902 USD = 5 Shelter Boxes . Hope, sometimes it feels like just another 4 letter word, but wielded correctly it can be the catalyst to surviving life itself. Will you be the hope that shelter’s a family, any family, perhaps even your own, in their crucial time of need? When the 2014 Japan Fair benefitting The Shelter Box ( http://www.shelterbox.org ) began April 5th I thought perhaps I was being a bit lofty hoping we would raise enough Lindens to pay for 5 Shelter Boxes and look at us now! so very close! This is the Second Life community at it’s best. These moments when we turn our cameras off of ourselves and shine it on others and get down to business. We do it all the time, whether it’s to celebrate 2Lei’s United Nations UNiTE to End Violence Against Women, or Fashion for Life, Fantasy Fair & Home and Garden Fair’s events to benefit Relay for Life, or even Hair Fair to benefit Wigs for Kids, we show up and we give. I’ve heard multiple times that I have big heart for these events but the statement isn’t exactly true, because it’s not “I” it’s me and it’s you, so thank you! But I am asking please, if you know someone who hasn’t been to this event, please, spread the word, drag them along WITH you, because time is running out. Only 4 days left, so lets finish this one as strongly as we started it. Let’s build community. Let’s have a heart for others. Let’s all purchase and don kimono’s and share tea at Rico Flux’s new Tea House ( http://csltm.wordpress.com/ricos-tea-house-3/ ). Let’s just do, we’ve done so much, can’t we do just a little more? Four days left, let’s do this.

On HopeHair: Boon, RHN435 . Boots: Bax, Regency .

4/19(Sat) 6:30amslt
Japanese Entertainment Night
produced by BBOY-DAN and Guest DJ
(ダンスエンタテインメント ”花魁道中” & ” 新撰組” と三味線ミックスDJライブ)
Japanese style dance entertainment ”花魁道中”, ” 新撰組” and
live “shamisen” (Japanese instrument) mix DJ show


4/19(Sat) 10amslt
日本時間 翌4/20(日)am2:00~
MIX Brand SHOW 2
produced by Les Garcons
Mix Show by 2 mens brands


4/20(Sun) 6amslt / 1pmslt
日本時間4/20(日)22:00~ / 4/21(月)5:00~
produced by BLVD Agency & Japanese Model team


15 thoughts on “On Hope

  1. Red is defiantly one of your colors, I love it. Is that from the Japan Fair? I bought so many things there then got distracted lol going to have to open some stuff so I get reminded what it was before it gets lost in my nightmare inventory just like two years of RFL and INYT and the list goes on. I try to help with every worthy cause and as I have said many times it is not about the things I buy but the cause itself. I should however at least open it before I lose it hehe and if it came unpacked forgetaboutit…Love you Dollface

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