On Nothingness

Life is an illusion. I am held together in the nothingness by art. ~Anselm Kiefer

On Nothingness

Nothingness, the state of being no longer seen, heard, or felt. I suppose we all fade into it at one point or another. I’m not speaking of death because I’m pretty certain that’s an inevitability. But I speak of sinking into the void of emptiness, the micro-moment in the cosmic universe when something ends and right before something new begins. I reckon if you hold your breath at the exact perfect second you will hear the pfft of the flame extinguishing right before the emptiness permeates the air. Right as you hold your breath and shut your eyes at the pain of the ending as if to ward off it’s jagged edges, a calm cold darkness settles about you like an invisible cloak. Yeah, that kind of quiet.

On Nothingness

Hair: Tableau Vivant, Dreadlock **NEW** The Men’s Department
Glasses: *Cila*, Studded Shades **L’Accessoires**
Jacket: [sYs], Ankaa jacket
Top: .Shi, Daleth Wrap
knickers: [FemmeFatale], Bettie Waist
Boots: [Belgravia], Electra
Hat (on mannequin): [Europa], pith helmet
Mannequin: [RO], Dress Form

Pose: Del May

3 thoughts on “On Nothingness

  1. That is one of my favourite songs. I did a picture recently entitled “What If I Was Nothing?” but I didn’t blog it. The feeling passed and it was just too personal to share. But I have kept it, just in case.

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