I Ain’t Sayin’

The secret of how to live without resentment or embarrassment in a world in which I was different from everyone else was to be indifferent to that difference.~ Al Capp

I Ain't Sayin'Dress: [ZE] Zanze, Cassidy **NEW** . Hair: [Love Soul]. Hair *093* .

It’s been three days, I guess I can speak about this without embarrassment. If you read last week you knew I had a wedding reception this weekend for a girlfriend in my posse. It was an after six “cocktail party” sort of reception. Yeah I know, only in some Podunk drinking village with a fishing problem would they have such a thing. I had questioned out on FB if they thought a black cocktail would be ok for the reception and received a few affirmatives. But when it got down to it, okay honestly? Five outfit changes later, I settled on a silk caftan type top with elastic-waisted silk palazzo pants underneath. I preferred the LBD (little Black Dress) but the party was being held outdoors under one of those huge white tents and it was really cold for some reason. Unsure whether I was going to wear the LBD or not, I kept my spanx on while trying on my entire closet because Lawdy mercy I didn’t want to have to pry those bishes up again. Those who have read me a while know I have a love/hate relationship with Spanx. I spoke in depth about it Here: but let’s just say, I love the look, I hate the sweat equity involved.

I Ain't Sayin'Shoos: [Gos], Bordello, Rock Chick . Bag: Indy& Co, Snakeskin .

Spanx on, because they really do hide anything that dares try to poke out or roll, I headed out to the reception. Face it, I’m a non-dancing wallflower to the 99th degree. Um, unless alcohol is involved. So after about the 3rd martini, I decide I can dance it up with the best of them and headed out to twerk it so fine Hannah Montana decides she’s gonna have to retire basically dork dance like I’m known for. But I was hawt, I just knew I was, until I hear my posse laughing hysterically. I looked around, and everyone is looking at me and I look at Taylor (Dr.Ben) and he’s a little red faced and looking any where but at me, his dance partner. So I look down. And I look up. And I look down. Surely there is a hole in the floor somewhere? Anywhere? That I can fall in to?

I Ain't Sayin'Jewelry: [Mandala], Chunkeeey & Sagarmatha **NEW** . Makeup: Zibska .

Ah ‘ell, really? Again? Every social engagement I am ever invited to it has to be me? Luckily I was surrounded by my most trusted friends and total strangers and they’ve grown to expect this sort of thing from me because I reckon I couldn’t have made this up.. much.. The take from? Yep, here it is. Apparently, Spanx and silky elastic-waisted pants don’t play well together because while I was groovin’ it hotter than Tina Turner at the ripe young age of 60, my pants had wiggled their way around my legs to end up pooled at my ankles. I know, it’s cool to be me because once again, Nailed It!

23 thoughts on “I Ain’t Sayin’

  1. LMAO, gawd! I love you to bits, I swear if I do not see a set if children books about The Adventures of Cao Cow in the near future, I’m going to find you and strap you to a typewriter myself, yes I said typewriter, the old fashion kind with ink, and manual return lever.

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