I haven’t spoken about my mum much lately. She’s been OK. Well about as OK as a woman who is now widowed after having slept next to the same man for nigh on 53 years or so. She’s been half way behaving, mostly. She’s only swatted me with the newest edition of Bride’s magazine once a month. I guess it makes her feel good about having bought a years subscription to the mag to be able to beat me with it. She skeers the crap out of me when she gives me that stink eye thing, which is really bizarre since she’s all of five foot nothing but I think even she’s resigned herself to not receiving any of those cute little couple pictured Christmas cards from a Lil Cao. I send her one with Katy now, you’d think she’d be proud of that one, Katy being her grand-doggy and all.


She’s so funny, she calls me all the time now. All… the…. time….. She regularly rings me up to say things like “I had your brother sweep the patio,” or “I threw out some lunch meat that I’ve had in the fridge since Christmas,” but yesterday, well that one takes the cake. As I left the office she rings me on my cell phone and says “I just wanted to call you to tell you I’m home if you’re thinking about calling me.” I answered her by asking her if she needed me to call her and she assured me that no, she just wanted to make sure I knew she was there. Just in case. You’d think I didn’t already speak to her twice a day and three times on weekends. Moms. I’d teach her about texting, but somehow I think she’d be dangerous.


I did another weekday Flash Mob on the Marketplace. I pick something out on the MP and take a picture on my lunch hour. I’m thinking about making this a regular segment to my blog, lemme know what you think? I saw this outfit designer, Sugar, on a friends blog and decided to check it out. I really liked what I saw. The shoos are from Project91 and I blame Anderian for that. But all in all, I had fun! I even copy and pasted all the links for you. See? And they say Cao’s are mean. Geesh!


Outfit One:

Heels: Project91, Zanotti
Bustier: Sugar, Belted Corset
Skirt: Sugar, Belted micro-mini
Light Fixture: Moco Emporium, Bulb Chandelier
Hair: Boon, URU697
Ring: Zibska, Pratoline
Bag: [Handverk], Studded Clutch
Couch: Katinks, Round Sofa
Pose: oOo Studio

Outfit Two:

Hair: Boon DQO010
Dress: Sugar, Dame
Glasses: *Cila*, Studded glasses

8 thoughts on “TTYL

  1. Your Mom is such a hoot! I love when you share stories about your family.

    YES to the regular MP feature! I’ve been thinking about trying to come up with a weekly prompt for myself. I’ll do a bit of cogitating and see what comes to mind 😉

  2. Hey, the chandelier is looking good.

    I was thinking about your mom too and I totally get it. When my mum (sorry just using the English version : ) lost my dad a few years ago one of the things she missed the most was having someone to just chat nonsense with… all day.

    We meet regularly to go shopping or for a mum and daughter night out and she will often relay something quite inane a neighbour mentioned about a fence or a bird or the weather or muse over the shape of a wine glass. I suppose that’s the secret to long relationships, finding something in common and something to talk about in the seemingly mundane And I suppose that’s what happens when you’ve been best friends with someone for decades and then suddenly they’re gone xxx

  3. My mom used to do that when I was still living near her, and I had a really love/hate relationship with it (the ringing, not my mom, I love my mom). But since I moved half a planet away from her, it died down to not even a ‘hi’ in a week. I miss her. LOL so enjoy it!

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