I’ma Cao Girl Baby

Moo may represent an idea, but only the cow knows. ~Mason Cooley

I'ma Cao Girl Baby

Last time I blogged “Cao Girl” ( http://anchailinalainn.com/2014/03/30/cao-girl/ ) it was just all wrong. At the time D-Lab didn’t have any cows. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a sheep bigot or anything, they’s just not my people, yanno? I mean, you could tell it was mutual, the one was trying to bite me for crying out loud! Well apparently the owner of D-Labs thought it all wrong too because *drum roll* THEY HAVE COWSSSSSSSSS SOOOOOO RUNNNNNNN!!!!!! Now you too can own your very own Lil Cao! I just have one thing to say, some one ring up Hollywood, they are going to have to wait a little while longer for me to show up. Y’all have a pleasant night, ya hear?

cao girl part 2a


Hat: Baiastice, stawhat
Horns: La Malvada Mujer, horns
Boots: CoCo, cowboy boots
Shirt: Milk Motion, cropped Tee
Jeans/belt: Milk Motion, boyfriends jeans
Hair: Boon, DQO010
Necklace, Mandala, Takayama
Cows: D-Lab
grass/Tub: [We’re Closed]

9 thoughts on “I’ma Cao Girl Baby

  1. LOL, I love this! You got the cows, finally, perfect. ❤ Feels more at home with the herd around? Hahaha.

    Never change, moo Cao!

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