Drift Away

DriftHair: Truth, April . Eyes/Hands/Feet: As always Mayfly and SLink .

Well I did it. After almost two years in the sky on a simple platform I put myself right back in the dirt again. I suppose I will probably wallow down here again for a while. As it happens, and as is always the way, two months ago I threw all of my homes and their contents into the trash. Yesterday I was angry with myself about it, but today I find it kind of freeing. The thing is though, I previously lived on the ground, in one place mind you, for five years. I had winter trees, fall trees, summer trees, statues, bath houses porches, boat houses, you name it. But today I started to rebuild my life. Again. From scratch.

DriftTop: Leezu!, Constance **NEW** . Shorts: Leezu!, Heather Hotpants . Bratop: Maitreya . Boot: Maitreya, Laud *NEW* . Watch: [Mandala] Hokusai .

But isn’t that the best thing about life? And listen, because it’s the take from too. The best part about living is that no matter what path you choose to take, even if its the wrong one, there is always a chance to turn it around and take the right one. Just turn around. Open your arms and your eyes and believe that you too have a destiny that will lead to happiness. Because you do. It’s starts within you. Least that’s my take on it. I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Siochan Leat eireThis was the home and grounds I lived in for five years. This time? I am a simpler person. With simpler needs. Quieter. Perhaps pics will show soon.

14 thoughts on “Drift Away

  1. For the past couple months my land has been just a little park with a wandering stream thru it after like you almost 5 years of having typical houses ~ its good to start over at times ~ hugzz btw love your posts

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