Happy Dam Birthday!

It takes a long time to become young. ~ Pablo Picasso

Happy Dam Birthday!Dress: Gizza, Cookie dress **NEW** . Tights: Peqe, Polkadot tights . Hair: Boon, KMO372 . Ring: NYU, Minimalist . Necklace: [Mandala], Yakushi . Earrings: [Mandala], Leather Feather . Cupcake: Embody, Plate prop cupcake pose . Balloons: {What Next} .

I’ve never told a single virtual soul when my birthday is. I get asked a lot, but never volunteer the information. To me, there is a steadfast line drawn in the sand betwixt real life and my Second one. Yeah, I know, ironic since my blog is so much about my real life. I’m a moron like that. But, I bent a little this year. There is a poll going around FB right now, and I’ve been tagged with it a few dozen times, so I decided I’d post it up here in the hopes someone will come visit me. I’ll be gone a day or two, so don’t forget me, I have to celebrate my 6th 29th birthday. I hope your days are filled with the celebration of living.

1 – Why did you pick this name

I am in love with the Irish culture and it is one of the places on this Earth that I feel I need to go visit in my life time. Caoimhe, Kweeva, means beautiful, gentle and precious. I am a gentle person by nature, a quiet and timid little mouse, in my mind I will always be Cao (Cho), but in my heart, I will always be a little cow.

2 – How long have you been in SL ?

Yikers! 6 years last March… –.–

3 – Why did you come to SL ?

I came to SL in my senior year at the University of Florida. I was taking a computer class and UF had a virtual campus built to resemble the real world campus. I was enthralled with all I saw and I guess I just never quite left. I’ve my feet planted more on solid Earth than virtual dirt these days, but I just don’t want to give it up yet because I enjoy those around me way too much.

4 – What do you do in SL ?

Unfortunately for me, I live in a drinking village with a fishing problem where the typical attire is bathing suits, T-shirts and shorts. Second Life lets me explore my love of fashion and virtual photography in ways my real world would never allow without a change of scenery.

5 – What do you like to do for fun in SL ?

I am so boring, uff! I do in SL exactly what I do on my blog. As I said I am more in real life then SL these days so my SL time is spent styling and taking pictures for my blog. I am more blogger with a picture problem than a SL lifian with a Life. *YAWN*

6 – What is your greatest achievement?

My blog, the incredibly fun people I have met along the way and refuse to give up! Yeah, I know. I have a kind of stalking problem, I am in rehab, I sware!

7 – What are you most proud of ?

Learning, yep, just learning, whether it’s about people, how to do things, honing my writing or creativity, decorating, terra forming or the heavy duty style challenges. Well especially the heavy duty style challenges. I love taking parts of designers designs apart and using them in new ways by resizing, retexturing, moving them elsewhere. It’s like designing clothes without having to have the knowledge of how to “create” it. I suppose it’s like being a Physician’s Assistant, all the pay with none of the liability.

8 – Who/what are you most thankful for ?

You! And you, and you too! Each of you! Every darn one of you! The goods, the bad’s, the beauty’s and the uglies. ALL! Because together we make one ‘ell of a world.

9 – Have you achieved what you set out to do in SL ?
If you say its pass the computer class then, yes, I did quite handily. Have I achieved all I will, I’m not sure. I evolved quite a bit from those days and continue to evolve so I will say this, if I left tomorrow, I would be satisfied with all that has come to fruition. The friends I’ve made, the people I’ve helped and I hope the way I have treated everyone around me. If I were to leave a legacy, I hope it would be one of kindness.

10 – What do you want people to remember you by if SL closed down ?

Actually if SL closed down, I kinda hope they’d still visit my blog, I know I’d still visit theirs. But if not, I hope they will remember those times I might have made them smile, or those times they made me smile. I like imbibing on smiles and getting drunk off laughter.

32 thoughts on “Happy Dam Birthday!

    1. Omgosh! Rwah! I went to lunch yesterday in a city I’ve never been to before, and after lunch I am sitting in a pretty park with a fountain waiting for a train, and all of a sudden running up towards me?? A male and female pigeon.. >.< Luckily (for me) she didn't want anything to do with him… She kept on running. 😛 She's my kinda pigeon. Thank you for the happy wishes, huge hug! xo

  1. Happy Belated Birthday my sweet!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. Love the face..thats how I feel on my birthdays now! xoxo

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