A Life Less Contacted

If you make customers unhappy in the real world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends. ~ Jeff Bezos

A Life Less ContactedDress: Molichino, Maggy **NEW** . Hair: Tram . Necklace: [RO], Flying Hearts .

I feel like I should be having a vacation today, but I’m not. It is so cloudy here, rains a coming, I have the back slider cracked and it’s kind of funny but lately there is a fecking loud gorgeously sweet song bird that perches out on some wood thingy (yes I am very construction-y inclined can’t you tell?) I guess I really should find out what the thingy is, in case it’s a camera peeking in my balcony, (Esther Draakje Dailey, is that you stalking me again?) I’ve just not thought much about it as more than a front stage view to a natural opera. I digress, which is typical of me, especially on days when I’ve nothing but time on my hands. But as I sit here, waiting, again (for the kitchen cabinets to be delivered). I can’t help but hear the roughed up ocean and the bird who appears to be happily performing his daily YOB. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your job THAT much? Has a sort of Mary Poppins feel to it. For my birthday I bought myself a new laptop. Still a Toshiba like my trusted “Lug-nut the Brick” is, (so called because I sware it weighs about 120 pounds), and let’s say I am having an interesting time of it. Love the laptop, Windows eight though I think was created by a sexual sadist with too much hands on my time. Every time I think I am getting somewhere, it snatches the screen away and I spend another twenty minutes trying to figure out where I was and how I got there. I logged into Second Life last night to see if the laptop could support it, worked great, which would be super-duper if I could find the yellow brick road that takes me back to there. Toto, I think we’ve lost Oz along the way.

A Life Less ContactedBag: Pure Poison: MBao Bag at the **FashionArt event** .

Ah, the good old days. Customer was King and every one knew the customer was right, when the purchase of a product included a thank you, have a nice day. Have we gotten so self-centered that we no longer thank people for taking the time to use our services, buy our items, keep us gainfully employed? It just seems a cycle I’ve been in lately and it saddens me because it’s happening in both First and Second Life. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve purchased without the person thanking me for buying, it’s like they are so self-assured they don’t realize, I could just as easily stop by over there across the street instead. And SL is the worst. And I’m not talking about my designers who are friends, because the remarkable thing is, they always DO say thank you for a blog post, especially if you purchase the item. It’s usually your friends who are the first to take you for granted. But it’s always the designers I don’t know, on a whim I purchase things in their store, or on Marketplace. I’ve been making a point to drop them NC’s every time I blog them and to be honest in all cases but One, a big fat ONE, I’ve received not even a “nice one.” or a “you suck” for that matter. I’m going to be a bit direct here, and I am pretty sure I am right, I have the business degree on the wall and spend lots of time studying market trends with my job to give an opinion. There is a lot of chatter in SL about there being an invisible ceiling between the successful Second Life designers and the not as successful ones, and a lot of chat about the top keeping others out. I am going to be the devil’s advocate here and ask you to look at YOU. Because it’s YOUR job to successfully reach your customers, not another designers. If you have a worthy product, market it, be open, be nice and for goodness sakes, if someone does something nice for you, even if its only in their own mind a good work, at least say thank you to them for the effort. Build a consistent brand, build name recognition, create a clientele, make followers who are happy and satisfied because they will always tell others and pass LM’s when they are happy because I know for a fact they always pass information on when they are unhappy with you. Because I hear it.

What made me think of all this, and the take from? Well other than the blogging part, here I sit, the second Thursday in a row, wasting vacation time waiting for people contracted for jobs who just don’t show up. Last week it was the tile delivery, today it’s the kitchen cabinets. And when I am idle with too much time on my hands I think too much. As an aside, Aurelia Chauveau of Molichino? She’s one of those designers who always thanks people who do things for her. I purchased a few things over the weekend and blogged her a few days ago and she thanked me so nicely. And the best part is her things are incredible! If you get a chance, check out her new Spring collection, it mirrors quite nicely the real world Spring Fashion trends so there is sure to be something perfect, just for you. Oh, and for the record? I thank each of you every single day who peek in at my blog and I hope you have a nice day! How’s that for Caostumer service? See? I even included the taxi for you, nice Cao. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lombard%20Park/61/21/1501

18 thoughts on “A Life Less Contacted

  1. Excellent post, my friend! Amen to all that you have said!!

    Recently I attended the Legal Insanity event called FashionArt (Datrip is one of those awesomely nice designers too: http://legal-insanity1.jimdo.com/glamourist-events/ ). I bought something. Then I got an IM. Someone said ‘Thank you’ to me. My response: “For what? What did I do?” Well, it was the pose maker, {NanTra}, thanking me after a purchase. I don’t care if I’m thanked for a simple purchase — I don’t — but it was so lovely that you can bet your bottom L$ I’m going to go back to her! Here’s where to {NanTra}: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pouncival/35/172/2508 Sometimes the small, courteous gestures really do make a world of difference.

    1. see! And you paid it forward!! I wish you would copy and paste this to my FB Wrenny, and I am going to log in a shop there right now. If the designer says anything I will say you sent me ❤

  2. Enjoyed this so much and OMG Cao !!! I´m going to have to break my promise of not buying anything new until I ´ve gone thru all my opened items. But this dress is just too gorge!! Love your style as much as I love you! mwahhh have a great day

  3. Good for you Cao, and it is actually raining like a cow ……. on a flat rock here lol, you can fill in the blank. I usually get thanked when I blog something just because and I always do from the designers I blog for. Don’t think I have ever been thanked for a purchase tho. Also I mis-spoke yesterday it was the ZOZ store that I emptied my lindens in and never did find the one set of nails I went there for hehe. I hope your cabinet people show up soon and I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation. if the beautiful song-bird bothers you too much get a water pistol, that’s what I did:-) Win 8 “yay” not, you can set that to give you a regular desktop view and also you should always be able to get back and forth from your keyboard one key stroke…love you dollface

    1. omgosh, sitting there waiting impatiently was the best thing ever for me because I figured out Windows 8 and LOVE it!! I know, I am whack like that! and no he doesn’t bother me, it kinda nice to see something so happy all the time. When we have tornado warnings yesterday I almost wanted to ask the birdy if he wanted to come in! 😛 Love you Spirit have a happy weekend! xox

  4. You look just so relaxed in your photos – channel that as you wait for the despicable tradesmen! It will all be worth it once you are whipping up gourmet meals in your spanking new kitchen 🙂

    I admit I don’t usually drop a notecard to designers I blog, unless it is an item that I have blogged for an event and it is a requirement. On the few occasions I have done so, I have gotten a thank you and positive response. One designer I blog for that I am friends with told me I should do it; he knows when I blog his items because he is a follower of mine but he thinks I should let other designers know if I blog their stuff. I’m just one of those people who thinks I am being intrusive if I flog my blog to designers I don’t know. But then, I’m an odd little Peep 😉

    1. I didn’t use to do it, but I do now because I think it good to let them know they are doing a good job and I like their stuff. Kind of a thank you for making such great stuff! ❤

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