Queen of the Floordrobe

Queen of the FloordrobeHair: Tram, C407 . Necklace: [Mandala] & [Handverk], Smexy tie and Palette Bolo . Hat: Wicca’s Wardrobe, Gothic Hat **L’Accessories** .

I can’t help, it I always get this way when I am staying at someone else’s house, Lord knows I’d never be this way at home. I’ve been staying at friends houses or my mum’s house for over a month now while the kitchens being re-done. I suppose I could stay at home, but I have this odd feeling about cleaning my cereal bowl in the bathroom sink. Um, no thank you, I’ll bum a few more weeks. “ell, I digressed. I was saying I always get this way when I stay with friends, I suppose I feel uncomfortable using their dresser’s for my everyday wear and knickers because like me, they find the guest room the perfect place to stash all those “must have” on sale or clearance items that really weren’t. Think about it a sec, it’ll come to you. I call mine my pretty much anything I buy at TJ Maxx room.

Queen of the FloordrobeShoos: Pure Poison, Allison Platform **Fifty Linden Friday!!** . Outfit: Lush*Limited, Loose Romper . Hands/Feet: SLink . Poses: {Nantra}, chair & .slouch .

I am the Queen of the Floordrobe. I admit it and I am unrepentant, so there. It’s amusing really, it starts with a pair of jeans and my favorite top, then maybe a maxi-skirt and blouse, but after a few days, I have comfortable clothes scattered everywhere, just waiting to be scooped up and worn. I always know when it gets to be too much “stuff” when the friend I am staying with walks by and looks at me kind of funny. You know the look, that one. You know it, the one your mum used to give you when you were a teenager. It came right before she suggested “why don’t we just keep this door shut?” Yeah, that’s the one, that’s usually my indication it’s time to find another besty to hang with for a while. I don’t blame them, they put up with a lot when they put me up and I don’t particularly like messes either, so I am going to go home this weekend for my nice three day weekend. The cabinets should be in, sans sink and counter tops but hey, it gives me an excuse to eat out a lot and what’s so bad about that?


Hmmm I guess I could eat ice cream for breakfast in a paper bowl. See? That’s the take from. Sometimes it’s not so bad to have to “rough” it. Don’t take my word for it though, have your own cook free weekend and I really hope you enjoy the holiday (American). Um, but next week I’ll be looking for a place to crash, if you’ve got room at your motel. I’ve got my bag packed and at the door, I’ll follow you.

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12 thoughts on “Queen of the Floordrobe

  1. LOL, See adorable. The styling is the bomb and you can scooch down my way and throw all your stuff around, we can sit out on the lanai and giggle at the golfers until the cows erm Cao’s have to go home:-)

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