Signin’ Out. Hustlin’ On

It has an air about it of having strolled in from the street with a few tricks up its sleeve, and if everybody would relax, please, it would do its best to pass the time whimsically. ~ Walter Kerr

Signin' Out. Hustlin' OnHair: D!va, Kalli2 . Glasses: :::LP:::, Pati **L’Accessories** . Shirt: *CoCo*, Cropped Sweater & Shirt . Bag: MiWardrobe, Purse Typewriter . Shorts: Molichino, Swinbourne . Shoos: Miamai, Difference . Pose: Pics N Poses, Cao’s Moth .

I hope you have a wonderful weekend/week. I am out of here. I hope someone keeps a light on for a solitary little Cao! See you soon! Or perhaps later..



3 thoughts on “Signin’ Out. Hustlin’ On

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