Taming Butterflies

I dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke. Now I wonder: Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man? ~Zhuangzi

Taming ButterfliesHair: Dura, Girl49 . Headpiece: =Zenith=, Grape leafs . Earrings: Earthstone, Asian Influence . Poses: Isomotion, Editorials poses .

22,625L’s We are all born with the potential to shed our caterpillar skin and arise from the chrysalis with the beauty of the butterfly. I have been out of sorts with myself, feeling like Second Life’s Relay for Life is beyond my reach this year. I want to help, so much, but I never seem to know when any event is, until it’s too late. This one is almost too late as well, but with your help, we can do this. We can, will you please help me? According to the American Cancer Society, one in two males and one in three females in our world will have some form of cancer in their life time. I have to say, think about that statistic a second. You and another guy are in an elevator going up, minding your own business, I wonder if you would help him, or if he would help you, if you were aware one of you had a good possibility of dying? Really, how can you NOT help? According to Second Life’s Relay for Life Website Link, we are halfway to our goal of $401,000 USD having received $225,000USD so far! Congrats to all of you!!

Taming ButterfliesOutfit: *LpD*, Gelsomino **NEW** . Bag: *LpD*, Malika Bag .

My friend Tiviyah Resident has challenged us to “Bid Her Bald” on her Blog and in support of her, I am going to stand with her and ask that you bid us BOTH bald. By bidding her bald she agrees to blog and to continue her efforts towards winning the Color of Couture contest, all without wearing hair. Since I am no longer competing I will blog with no hair. If me make the goal we will blog for 8 days without hair. Tivi’s goal is lofty and we have to move fast. Her goal is 40,000L’s of which she already has been donated 14,600L’s by her wonderful supporters. I wish I had realized she was doing this sooner, I would signed on earlier, but I know we can do this! Why? Because I know YOU. You guys helped me raise close to 63,000 for Wigs for Kids last year! Will you please help? If you are willing, TP over to this LM and drop in a few Lindens to the kiosk under the name Tivi Inglewood, I just did, every little bit helps, every drop of rain can create an ocean, but we’ve only got one day, so please don’t put this off. I hope to see you there, taxi. Have a wonderful weekend!

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