Vista Animations – RACHEL AO

Just in time for summer, Vista Animations has a new AO to make you the positively glam sexy woman you are! More info on my besty little dragons blog!! She kindly let me borrow hers because I have to meet a person about measuring for countertops!!! / Almost done!!! :D.

Dress Up Dailey

Vista Animations is proud to present our new female AO called ‘Rachel’.

This new AO captures the essence of Rachel – our new fabulous model. Rachel models for us in real life and we named it in her honor.This AO is for happy, beautiful and self-confident women everywhere! This is a natural and very feminine AO perfect fir any occasion. We hope you love this new release from Vista Animations

-Animations improved with our new professional mocap system at Mocap Bcn/Vista
-18 long play stands. Larger performance with more freedom of poses.
-Improved breathing effect.
-NEW couple animations added, and 100% compatible with our mocap couples hud. Add animations “drag and play”
-Accessories friendly: Use your handbags or whatever during your stands, walks turns or run
-Mesh friendly: Made and tested to respect your mesh clothing. (Always that is correctly rigged…)
-Updated HUD that allow unlimited dances and notecards and…

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