Fooling One’s Self

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard

Fooling One's SelfHeadpiece: Miamai, Titania .

Day Two of Nine Blogging bald for Relay for Life. I’ve NOT blogged more than I have blogged this past few weeks which is really off for a person who typically blogs daily. I seem to have skipped a beat somewhere and now my feet haplessly pretend they are in synch with the music. Do you know the look? It’s sort of like the person you see walking purposefully down the street when they suddenly hit a patch of ice and as their arms and legs flail about you hold your breath and stare in awe at the pending crash, praying they don’t break anything when they land? But the thing is, not blogging has forced me to be still long enough to sit. And to think. That’s the davil in the details of modern life, we all live under the assumption we are too busy to think about life. It looms before us heavily and we ignore the heavy dark clouds forming above by fooling ourselves. We stay plugged in and on the go, no time now, I’ll get to that when I’m older. But as you try to press on, putting it off no longer seems a viable choice because all you are doing is making yourself sick because at some point your fooled conscious begins to believe all this “stuff” you are so busy doing is extremely important. Heck, one sure sign you are going down the wrong road is if everything you are doing feels important. Why? Because life is more arithmetic than Technicolor, it’s impossible to emphasize everything. Something are just and ordinary unimportant black and white.

Fooling One's SelfTop: Baiastice, Maua bikini . Skirt: Miamai, Anya .

A take from? Yeah, I got mine this past few weeks. Perspective. If you want to live in a life of perpetual stressed out madness and feel like you are living an unfulfilled life, keep on going all plugged in and thinking the wrong things are important. If you want to be able to look back at your life and know you lived it, truly lived every single moment of it, take the time to think about you and what will fulfill you. Breathe, read deeply, reflect often, and get some useful perspective on what you need in your life. You’ve only got one to live. How would you rather live it? But, of course, that’s just my wooden nickels worth, take if for whatever it means to you. I know, probably not so much.

Miamai: Taxi:
Baiastice: Taxi:

Life’s Short

13 thoughts on “Fooling One’s Self

  1. I would not expect as many blogs from you as usual myself, I mean you did almost choke on an engagement ring recently lol, I love the outfit and I love the non hair but can’t really tell bald thing you got on hehe. Most of all I love you ❤

  2. I always enjoy reading Cao’s work. Her writing is refreshing and hugely entertaining. Not only can she string a sentence together, she is genuinely a nice person too!

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