Work Done Well

Each Linden gets us closer to a world with more birthdays

Day 3 of 9 blogging bald for Relay for Life.

It’s time for one of my favorite events in Second Life. Fashion for Life is SL’s longest-running and most successful fashion fair. All donations go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society. Fashion For Life runs from June 7th – June 20th across 10 sims. The theme this year is Wanderlust – a reflection of Relay For Life’s theme Journey To A Promise. Over the 10 sims, you will find 150 stores, gacha areas and a region wide passport game.

Work Done Well

According to the American Cancer Society, one in two males and one in three females will have some form of cancer in their lifetime. One in two. Who dares ignore that statistic? The American Cancer Society works proactively to eliminate cancer, wouldn’t it be wonderful if our help and donations saw to the eradication of it in our life time. Or our childs? Ever little bit helps, I hope you too will donate for more birthdays in our world.

Work Done WellDress: Zibska, Verdandi Noir . Hat: Zibska, Adora .

Over 1,200,000L has already been raised thanks to the generous donations of our Champions, Patrons, Sponsors and Donors. The sims were sponsored by our Champions, Body Canvas, BSD Design Studio, EMO-tions, Essenz, FBD Fashion, Heydra, KL Couture, LaPointe & BastChild, LeeZu!, Legal Insanity, MiaMai, Mon Cheri, Moondance Boutique, Pure Poison, Purple Moon Creations, Tres Beau, Vintage Jewels, Zanze, ZOZ. All donated funds go to the American Cancer Society via their RFL in Second Life activities.

There’s more information at our web site: http:/

But you may have some questions.

What is the point of Fashion for Life? What is our mission?

Simply put, our mission is to maximize donations to the American Cancer Society via the SL Relay for Life while creating a great sales environment for in-world avatar content (including lowered lag and great entertainment). Our goal is provide complete transparency in financial and operational actions to all residents. And to have fun doing this!

Who is the money going to? What are you getting out of this?

Finally, and most importantly, efforts and funds committed to FFL go to support American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. We are entirely volunteer driven and 100% of the funds raised are presented as a charitable donation to ACS from the residents of Second Life. If you require any documentation to this effect, please contact the avatar Fashionforlife AmericanCancer.

What is the theme? What does it mean?

The theme is Wanderlust – expressing the joy of the journey. Many people struggling with cancer describe it as a journey, one fraught with peril and sometimes despair, but there are also moments of joy and recovery. The global struggle against cancer is also a journey from our impotent past to our current present where we have many more tools to treat cancer to a hopeful future where cancer no longer looms large in our lives.

What were the designer requirements?

In short, each designer donated money to have a store on the sims and committed to donate 15% or more of every purchase to Relay for Life. Two items must be exclusive to this event during the event.

What is the passport game?

Each sim builder created an item that you can collect by donating to Relay For Life. You can collect these items and using the passport HUD, gather enough to redeem for gifts at the redemption centers on each sim.

And what’s with the gacha?

For anyone who doesn’t know what a gacha is, it is a vendor that randomly offers one of the items in its inventory when paid–kind of like a bubble gum machine. Many of the designers opted to participate in the gacha this year. At least 15% of all gacha purchases go to Relay For Life

What are you guys doing about lag?

We are keenly aware of the issues of lag and will be doing *everything* on our end to mitigate it, including monitoring scripts on the sims, limiting texture size, and restarting the sims at 2 am slt every day. We will also publish a post about lag right before the fair to remind people about proper sim visits. Please link back to this and remind people lag is often client-side.

Are the events for Fashion For Life?

Yes there will be several runway shows organized by Best of SL, under the direction of Reign Congrejo with the assistance of Kay Fairey. They will be posting more information soon. Zenzibar, the fabulous dance club, will be hosting live music and DJs throughout the event and streaming throughout the region.

Who did all this work?

The builders did an amazing job under the guidance of Grace Loudon. Fashion For Life is very grateful to the following builders who volunteered many hours of their time building the ten sims for Fashion For Life. In addition, each builder created a sim-inspired item for a region-wide passport game. Their task was to take a single concept and create a world around it. They did a magnificent job.

Barnesworth Anubis – FFL Excursion (water transportation on rivers)
Bianca Bender – FFL Amble (Automobiles)
Eclair Martinek – FFL Perambulate (Foot-driven, skateboards or skates)
Grace Loudon – FFL Meander (water transportation on the ocean)
Jara Lowell – FFL Voyage (2-3 wheelers)
Pluto Fairey – FFL Parade (Pedal Power)
Rathmeous Dagger – FFL Promenade (Space)
TotalLunar Eclips – FFL Journey (Steampunk Ground transport)
Troy Vogel – FFL Trek (Mechanized Flight)
Winter Nightfire – FFL Wander (Non-Mechanized Flight)

Fashion For Life Planning Committee

Cajsa Lilliehook (overall planning)
Gidge Uziza (blogger coordination)
Grace Loudon (building oversight)
Harper Beresford (oversight)
Kay Fairey (BOSL fashion show and lookbook)
Manon Clary (outreach)
Monoton Resident (outreach)
Reign Congrejo (BOSL fashion show and lookbook)
Zzoie Zee (Live music and DJs)

4 thoughts on “Work Done Well

  1. Ok, time to replenish my linden account. I love supporting this event and my promise to myself this year is that I will go trough my now 111k items after the event and open all FFL stuffs from this year as well as all the past ones. So if you don’t see me for a week or so, I will be buried in my inventory starting on the 21st of June lol. Love you lil Cao! Moooooo ❤

    1. Make sure you hand me one end of the rope before you go in, just in case you need me to haul you back out if you get all wedgied in there! Big kiss, hugs, and love and stuff. ❤

  2. I love this event. And for all the right reasons I hope. I think it’s one of the best example as to how SL spills over to RL and vice versa.

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