If I Could

If I Could Hat: Zibska, Ibis Headdress **FFL** . Makeup: Lovely Mi, Purple Flower .

Post 5 of 9 blogging bald.
Slowly getting there, I have new respect for cancer and terminally ill patients who lose their hair. Well, it’s here, It started. One of my favorite events in Second Life, Fashion for Life by Second Life Relay for Life benefitting the American Cancer Society. I hope you all get in to see the amazing finds there. I actually snuck in quite easily a little bit ago, with no problems but with 10 SIMS it makes sense I had no problems because they definitely gave us room to explore. You can check out more information here: http://ffl.iheartsl.com/info/about-fashion-for-life/

If I Could Dress: Legal Insanity, Jungle Dress **FFL** .

Take from? If I could, I’d cure cancer. But I can’t. So together, let’s do this. Cancer isn’t going to cure itself, let’s do our part. lol I’ve already spent a fortune because there were so many really cool things there to splurge on. I like a charity where I get something for giving something and I noticed a lot of the designers have 100% donation items, I hit as many of those as I could, but even the split vendor’s give, so no matter what you are buying American Cancer Society is getting 100% of the donation portion. So Win Win! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

4 thoughts on “If I Could

  1. Cheers to you my friend! The more bald beauties supporting such an important cause the better! Your post is inspiring and so heart felt, you look absolutely amazing!

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