The Life of Cao

Scientists tell us that the fastest animal on earth, with a top speed of 120 feet per second, is a cow that has been dropped out of a helicopter. ~Dave Berry

The Life of CaoHat: !:Lybra:!, Nariko **ART IN HATS** .

I had a great weekend, parts were even restful. I have a dear friend whom I visit quite often. He’s what I’d call a gentleman farmer. His home is on 88 acres of lush hills and ponds with a gorgeous farmhouse set to the back of the property and oft as you walk about for exercise you see cows lolling about munching grass. Yesterday we were lazing about in the screen enclosed swimming pool, enjoying the cool water and the hot sun. I floated lazily on my back, resting. I was enjoying the feel of the heat of the sun on my closed eyelids when I “felt” a shadow move across me. I halfway opened my closed lids only to bolt upright, the cow I had lovingly named Isabelle was standing above me (behind a fence) chewing her cud. Normally I wouldn’t have worried much, but the way she was looking at me I could tell she found me in my bikini rather lacking. No, that wasn’t it. No I mean, I am sure by her standards I probably am lacking, but what I saw was she was eating something, something that looked suspiciously like my pink T-shirt. Embarrassed I asked Taylor if he knew his cow eats clothes and how are we going to get it back? Without missing a beat he said, I guess we’ll wait until she patty’s it. Dam I’m going to miss that shirt, it was one of my favorites.

The Life of CaoOutfit: [LWL], MFW11 Aviary .

The take from? Never trust a happy cow because next time the shirt she’s eating just might be your own. Don’t forget! Art in Hat’s is underway, Fashion For Life is cranking on and L’Accessories just began a new round to boot! Sweet! Hats, check! Accessories, check! Now all I need to do is find a cow proof shirt! Have a low gravity Monday!

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13 thoughts on “The Life of Cao

  1. LOL,I don’t think I would let the cow eat the shirt..Not very sure I would try to take it away either. I would not care about the shirt too much unless it was one of a kind or irreplaceable from someone now gone, But for the Cow that can not be healthy and I am sure takes quite some time to digest. Then again I had a little goat named Tinkerbell that only wanted to eat what was on the opposite side of the fence than she was on. Mind you I had four acres, not 88 but should be enough for a little goat to eat off of…..Oh! hell no Tink only wanted what was on the wrong side of the fence. My point is, if the cow wants the shirt, then the cow gets the shirt hehe.By the way you look fabulous Cao, love the hat and yes I had to have that one too lol. Kisses, Hugs warm wishes for a wonderful week. S.

    1. I loved that shirt tho, it was my lucky shirt! It didn’t have any designs or things on it, it was just a plain tee, so hopefully there was nothing in there to make Isabelle sick. She seemed happier than a pig in mud. She’s a nosey beast, she has a tag on her ear that says H52. So I also call her “Heinz 52, she doesn’t quite have all the ingredients to be Heinz 57” I named the bull Ferdinand 😉 Every goat I ever met was mean as a snake, and yes, eats anything. lol Hard to picture my Spirit as a country girl! 😀 huggy smoochies right back to you! ❤

  2. I would next get as shirt that says I WILL EAT YOU with a pic of a cow on the bottom of it… I think message would be received 🙂 Now if only cows could read…

  3. “Scientists tell us that the fastest animal on earth, with a top speed of 120 feet per second, is a cow that has been dropped out of a helicopter.” Ok.. ill be back after cleanign up my pc area cus’ i just snorted coffee through my nose laughing.

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