Karma and Cao’s

Is Fate getting what you deserve, or deserving what you get? ~ Jodi Picoult

Karma and Cao'sHair: Vanity Hair, Keep it Quiet . Dress: Tres Beau, Torch Song **Fashion For Life** .

I was going to write this really nice write-up about Second Life’s Fashion For Life for Relay for Life benefitting the American Cancer Society today. Shoulda, coulda woulda. What can I say but some days life happens. My mums cell phone hasn’t been working and ya know, it doesn’t even require an engineering degree, it a dumb phone. A really, I mean a r-e-a-l-l-y dumb phone. You know, like this phone below two-point-oh.

first-cell-phone-picBetcha wish your phone was this sexy

Naw kidding, it’s SLIGHTLY less dumb than this, just not much. I asked her how long her phone hasn’t been working? She says, “I don’t know, about two weeks or so?” Now first of all, I hate cell phones, with a passion. I carry one out of protest because my mum needs to be able to call me at any moment of the day to tell me that she is waiting by her phone in case I am thinking about calling her (yep, covered this a few months ago). But I was flummoxed my mum could go a day without hers. I logged in to her cell account on line and while poking around, I noticed her contract date expired June 2016. Now I may not be the most observant person in the world, but I have noticed her cell phone, it’s an old and dumb as a rock phone so why would she have a contract? Yeah, well, seems my mums phone was jacked because now she’s living it up in Pembroke Pines Florida (I had to look up where that even is and I am native Floridian), and apparently sportin a shiny new Apple phone. The sad part is I got to spend the greater part of my entire morning trying to sort that all out, if it even is, so I didn’t get to write something to inspire anyone to visit the LAST FOUR DAYS of Relay for Life. Just go! Please, just go.

Karma and Cao's Dress: Tres Beau, Torch Song **Fashion For Life** .

The take from? Cancer, like the arse who jacked my deceased fathers identity, isn’t discriminatory. It’s picks on every age, every race, and gender, no one is immune to it’s ravishes. In fact, one in two men and one in three women will have some form of cancer in their lifetime according to the American Cancer Society. Let’s help, the event ends June 20th, 2014, let’s all go back one more time, buy something, even if its just one something, to show your support of this cause. Because who knows, maybe your money added with my money, and everyone else’s money will go toward one day curing your cancer, or someone you loves cancer. Every Linden added together can be a lot going toward a cure. I could almost wish cancer on the person who steals identities of deceased and elderly people, but naw, I’ll leave that persons ordeals to the whims of karma. From what I hear, that can be a real bish.

For more information on FFL check it out here: http://ffl.iheartsl.com/info/about-fashion-for-life/

13 thoughts on “Karma and Cao’s

  1. What can I say other then I respect and admire your never wavering energy for these events. I have no words. So ill just hand you a huge big ass basket of hugs. You are an amazing lady Ms. Cao. ❤

    1. *timidly holds out hands for her very own personal arse-bucket* [cough] it’s a good thing dem dare hugs is in that bucket or I’da tolt you to just keep ’em! You are amazing as well MY Rwah, ❤

  2. Beautiful as always, and good luck with all the phone issues. I have a not so smart, smart phone myself. I did go back and more than once, and like I said I was going to open it all….swears. I didn’t lol, It’s not like I am uber busy or a Model in hugh demand..well any demand, I just get side tracked very easily. Love you and love you in red ❤

  3. the kind of animal are those that find stealing other peoples Chit much easier than earning their own. Karma does come back around but until it does we are the ones that have to fix the Chit…Mauhs!!!!

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