Runaway Bride

Bride: A woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her. ~Ambrose Bierce

Runaway BrideDress: Son!a . Hair: Boon .

Something really funny happened to me in May. No seriously. And I’m not talking about the engagement that wasn’t, or was it? Well technically I did say yes, maybe, but obviously he understands I mean perhaps in about twenty years or so when I am really, really sure it’s not the biggest mistake of my life. But this isn’t about that, this is about Second Life. Two publications enlisted me to be a part of their magazines, not as some fancy haute couture model, no, not that. As a bride. Me. I wonder if they know me a’tall? I reckon the last time I had a picture done as a bride in Second Life was in 2010 when me and Skip took the picture of the runaway bride (below). And heck, even that wasn’t truly in a wedding gown.

Caoimhe~Runaway BrideLingerie: Angel Dessous . Hair: Tukinowaguma .

The strangest part to me is I was asked to shoot the pictures too. I know, me. The Kodak toting instamatic point and clicker. But I was excited none the less. These pics were for an amazing magazine called Inovare which was released last night. I’ve already read it cover to cover and I hope you will give it a look because the fashion and the photography in the magazine is stunning! Kind of makes my pathetic attempts at pictures seem less than stellar.

Runaway BrideDress: AD Creations Dollhouse . Hair: Tuty’s . Bouquet: Celestina’s Weddings .

The take from? This is probably the only wedding dresses you will ever see on this solitary little Cao, but I hope you all find the one true love of your dreams. In the mean time, I’ll settle for having an exciting and fulfilling weekend instead. =)

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