Monday’s Come

The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all direction. ~Chanakya
Mondays ComeHat: :!Lybra!:, Lily Hat **L’Accessories** . Pose: Del May .

Monday’s come and Monday’s go, faster and faster as we grow older. Heck, I can’t believe we are half way to the end of this year already. Does anyone know where the time went? I’m not sure, because I haven’t accomplished all that much this year, have you? Putting things off isn’t really a smart thing to do because eventually we are blindsided with the knowledge we will have no more Monday’s. I guess that’s why most of us hate Monday’s so much, it’s a signal we have to start the week again and signifies that onward March to nothingness, or heaven, or hell too, I suppose, if that’s your ilk. I like to think (hope) it’s not mine. We are like flowers, our personalities are formed when we are nothing but a seed. If we are a happy flower we spread more seeds all about us and soon there is a field of flowers so beautiful in color and splendor it makes the eye tear up with the impossibility of such beauty. But if we are a weed we kill the things about us, or they move on, leaving us alone in our misery, much like those infuriating brown circles in an other wise vibrant green lawn.

Mondays ComeHat: [AD Creations], Mesh Petal Hat **The Couturier’s Dock** . Pose: .Slouch .

The take from? I read a blog of a fellow model who I rather enjoy, but she went ballistic about the world of Second Life modeling and how she is “done sitting in a judgmental community with zero morality among most individuals who make up its “upper echelon” and wondering why hard work doesn’t pay off anymore. Pffft. Anymore… who am I kidding… it never does, in the long run… not in this community. Again, if you won’t be who they want you to be by compromising who you are as a person, it will never pay off for you.” I read the blog twice and this really saddened me. First because this isn’t the modeling world I know in Second Life and tho I might be considered upper echelon by some I hardly think I have zero morality and I happen to have worked (and still work) very hard to be where I am. The other thing is, I think you would have a hard time saying that I have compromised myself as a person either because that is measure of my “success.” (Not that I think Second Life modeling is any life affirming measure of success, but just generally as a point to her post) The secret to being “successful” in virtual world modeling is not only working hard, that’s only a third of the battle, the rest is the grit and determination to create your own brand, something that makes you stand out and be consistent about it. I’ve stayed pretty much the same since 2009. Geesh, I reckon that means I’ve modeled about 26 SL years! I fear my avatar has the gray hairs to prove it. Just remember, it’s easy to get lost in SL modeling because we are all basically the same, you just have to find one thing that makes you rise above. And you don’t stand out by being who someone wants you to be, you stand out by creating your own doorways. I hope this friend realizes when she clumps the bad people with the good, she misses out on the opportunity to know the good people and generally when you go around acting this way you tend to isolate yourself because the seeds your spreading are more of the sandspur variety and not very welcoming. I feel her pain, and hope she finds a way to accept others just as she has so beautifully learned to accept and love herself. Because those Mondays are gone before you know it, but that’s just my two cents worth, probably not worth all that much anyway. I hope this Monday is the first one of the rest of your life. ❤

Outfit Two:
Hat: [AD Creations], Petal now at *THE Couturier’s Dock*
Hair: *Argrace*, Taylor
Skirt: Drift, Summer Micro **NEW** runnnnnnnnn!
Jacket: *Coco*, Biker Jacket
Bra Top: Baiastice, Maua bikini
Jewelry: [Mandala], Takayama & Hoshigaki
Pose: .Slouch

20 thoughts on “Monday’s Come

  1. wow you have impeccable timing with what you choose to say TY .
    ” We are like flowers, our personalities are formed when we are nothing but a seed. If we are a happy flower we spread more seeds all about us and soon there is a field of flowers so beautiful in color and splendor it makes the eye tear up with the impossibility of such beauty. But if we are a weed we kill the things about us, or they move on, leaving us alone in our misery, much like those infuriating brown circles in an other wise vibrant green lawn.” Beautifully said and well worth taking to heart!

  2. What a fine and helpful post Caoimhe, ty. I too read the other blogger’s post, and felt her pain, hell, as a fairly new model myself, in the same no-man’s land between ‘noob model’ and well known established model, I have moments when I have felt similar to her. Being a journeyman model in SL is hard, and confusing, and lots of pressure to go this way and that, so I found your words about branding very helpful. Like many, I have felt the pressure to have the latest pout, or skin, or mesh this that or the other, in order to be ‘unique’ – and what a mind messer-up that is, lol. I am glad you said we should find our own way and just keep at it, that makes so much more sense to me. The rest, well luck I am sure plays some part, and hard work plays a part, and who knows about the rest, but at least I now have ‘permission’ from a model I respect incredibly, to be ‘me’ 🙂

    1. You sure do 🙂 and let me put it this way, well, 2 ways. When I took course 105 at mvw academy, a certain Fro – Fro told me to make my eyes bigger, being Asian I did not want to bc I liked my shape as it was. I changed it for the class then after graduation went right back to me and other than height and perhaps some “filling out” for swimwear I don’t change it too much. The second thing is believe it or not, from 2008 to January 2014 (this year!) I always used the same skin (2 shades of the same skin). I still prefer that skin bc it is so translucent, but switched bc the new one has the much needed for blogging appliers. But don’t get me wrong, if you feel you should tweak something about your shape to improve it, definitely do it until you are happy. But to me, my “brand” is most people say they know me by face without that floating name over my head and the best part I have been told the face seems to fit my personality. I am here for you Eleseren should you need anything. Even if it’s just to admire the you that is you. 🙂

  3. ooooh! I loves Flowers, ok love them on you….me only sometimes, but then again I can’t wear anything as good as you do. You look so bright and colorful…Love you…Ok and I did not write the post you speak of but am sure I could have. I have been here since 2007 that makes me about 100 in SL years lol. I have never compromised myself for modeling and I never will, I will sit on my pose stand, do my blog, walk the occasional show…when someone will have me. The days of trying to figure it all out are over because all along I am the only one I needed to figure out. I am me, you are you, and they are they we each have a mindset and lines that we will or will not cross. So as far myself and SL modeling is concerned I support those that get to the top however they got there and I help those that struggle but I have officially drawn my line in the sand. I don’t know what the next life holds, and I don’t remember the last one. Yes I believe in reincarnation (I am pagan remember:-) anyway we have many lives and the reason we don’t remember them is because if we did we would spend too much time there and not enough living here… get off your collective arses and smell the flowers, either on Cao’s head or outside in the bright sunshine……………Winded today, I know, I know lol, but I am a good model even if those that choose good models don’t see me and for now I will just work on photoshop until I suck less ❤

    1. I loved ALLLLLLLLL of this Spirit, of course you know I always seek you out for wisdom as you are an astute sounding block. Thank you for adding your insights to my posts. ❤

  4. Dear Cao! this morning I also woke up thinking that the year is halfway over and went into a panic bc I feel that I have not accomplished much at all! … and I´m not talking just SL but RLLLLL (runs in a panic all over the place). So yeah, time does fly and I realize I´m terribly scared of waisting it. As for your friend, I hope her experiences improve. I am not saying this industry in SL is perfect, there is no such thing, but I have been around other places and as I have, my respect for this particular community has grown since, but oc, opinions are subjective. Great post!

  5. I love the time from monday to thursday. That’s when i go pubbing..interesting people turn up, bartenders give me uninterrupted attention, advantage happy hours and all of that….and the first half of the year, I did exactly what I wanted 🙂

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