On Doing Something

If you live a life of make-believe, your life isn’t worth anything until you do something that does challenge your reality. And to me, sailing the open ocean is a real challenge, because it’s life or death. ~Morgan Freeman

On Doing Something Hat: Chop Zuey, Sailing to Byzantium **Hats in Art** Still going on, go see!! .

I’ve been a little bit bummed since last week when I realized we are almost in July and I’ve achieved very little with my year. It’s day 175 and only 190 left to this year, almost half way. I think it hits me hardest because so much of Second Life is just make believe to so many of us. No, not you wonderful content creators, y’all can move on, this is about every day schmucks like me who at the end of the day really don’t have much to show for what we have accomplished in Second Life. You know something? So many of our real lives pretty much mirror our second one. Though our life isn’t make believe, we seldom do things to challenge our reality. We sleep, eat, work, if we are lucky we relax and play some too. But is this all there is? Shouldn’t we be wanting more? Sometimes, like me, we are a casualty of our reality. I worked full-time while completing my college education. When I graduated in 2008 the economy tanked and though I went to college because I wanted to change careers, in my economy there were no careers to change to, everything pretty much dried up over night. Now that things are setting to right, I’d probably have to take a cut in pay to find a new career and it’s not really something I want to do right now, at least until that &^%$ college loan is paid off. This, however isn’t about me. Well, hmm, it’s my blog so I suppose it IS technically about me, but I want, I hope.. it will be about me and you, and you too.

On Doing SomethingGown/Hat: Chop Zuey, Miss Solemnis .

One-hundred and ninety days left in this year. I may not be able to get the dream job I always wanted right now, but I will continue to learn. I vow I will learn something new every single day. I will speak to at least one new person, read a random word in the dictionary, google the term “what is…”, sit on a bench and watch the world for inspiration, discover new places, worlds, stars, words, ways of life. Because when this one-hundred and ninety days is over, I won’t look back and say the year was a waste. I won’t, honestly, I can’t. I’ve frozen myself in time for 6 years now. ‘ell, even felt sorry for myself that the only tangible thing my education gave me was a boatload of debt at a criminally exorbitant interest rate but now, it stops today, this 175th day of the year 2014. Hello world, what do you have to teach me today?

On Something

Take from? Yep, it’s here. If you don’t like your world all that much, don’t allow yourself to trudge on, change your view. You will be surprised how much there is left to learn, about things, about life, or perhaps, just about you. That’s my take on it anyway.

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7 thoughts on “On Doing Something

  1. Oh Goodness hon! I can perfectly sympathize. Reinventing ourselves to fit our new reality. I´ve had to do it 3 times already! I guess we just need to learn more! Hugging you my friend!

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