Bikini Optional

A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded pistol on your coffee table – There’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s hard to stop thinking about it. ~Garrison Keillor

Bikini Optional Hair: *Argrace*, Haruka . Necklace: Kungler’s Extra, Ivatan .

I’ve not much to say today, crazy busy in the real world, but for the first time in a very long time I actually made it into an event that had only just opened. When you are only inworld 2 or 3 hours on weekends and one hour week days you typically have to wait until right before an event closes to peek in and honestly when I go then, everything’s been blogged so much already I often feel like, why bother. I’ll pick out things I think I can use in the future for style challenges and move on. I went to the Summerfest 2014 event. I was complete alpha (as in only my name showing) but on this day it wasn’t even necessary, I saw less than 14 people there. I think perhaps it was because it was the day of the opening of Second Life’s 11th birthday party celebration, so while everyone else scooted over there I snuck in with ease. I had a little help actually, my friend Zee posted all the LM’s on her blog so I had an idea where and who all the designers were before attending. Thanks Zee!

Bikini Optional Hair/Hat: Tableau Vivant, Soleil **Summerfest 2014** . Glasses: Elysium, Junia **L’Accessories** . Kimono: -tb-, short kimono **Summerfest 2014** .

With much fanfare, the official Second Life summer has begun. Kick off those stilettos, shimmy out of those skin covering garments, grab a fruity cocktail, towel and comfy chair and as always, bikini’s are optional.

Bikini OptionalBikini: Baiastice, Freedom bikini **Summerfest 2014** . Shoos: Pure Poison, Parrot **The Dreaming Tree** . Stripe deck chairs/Umbrella: llorisen// . Surfboard: Culprit, Trifin Tsunami . White Deck Chair: {What Next}, waterfront chair .

Don’t forget to include a casual chic outfit in case the day darkens to a sky full of stars and you stay for some fun and dancing with your friends! Have a wonderful Wednesday and I hope your summer is turning into a lazy kind of summer surrounded with friends and family.

Bikini OptionalJacket/Skirt: GizzA, Matilda . Hands/Feet: SLink . Skin: Glam Affair, Aria .

cool tunes!

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