Kiss A Lover

Kiss a lover,
Dance a measure,
Find your name
And buried treasure.

Face your life,
It’s pain,
It’s pleasure,
Leave no path untaken~ Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

AlienHair: Vanity Hair, Alien **2014 Hair Fair** .

37,500L’s. I’ve thought so long about what I could possibly do to raise money for Wigs for Kids during Hair Fair 2014 and I have to admit, painfully, I have nothing. No grand creative gesture, no new shape, no product to sell. Resolute though, I won’t sit down and admit defeat.

flirtHair: Vanity Hair, Flirt **2014 Hair Fair** .

I have a challenge of which you can partake or not, but if I had my druthers I’d wish you’d dream my dream with me and sip from the cup and share with me on this years venture. It so important really. One in two will have cancer in their lifetimes, I’m a one. My best friend Kim was a two. She died in her mid thirties from leukemia leaving behind two teenage children and a husband, my brother. Once diagnosed she didn’t even live a year. She left her children at the time they needed her most. But you see, that’s how cancer is, it doesn’t care who you are, what you stand for, or even who you love.

flirt2Hair: Vanity Hair, Flirt 2 **2014 Hair Fair** .

It doesn’t care if the person it strikes is an adult. Or if it’s a child. Can you imagine if it was your child? Or your brother or sister fighting so hard to live and then having to worry about the stigma of losing their hair too? I don’t think I would personally have the guts to fight, I seriously don’t. If you don’t partake in Hair Fair, or don’t have or want to share Lindens with a charity, please consider donating your hair to Wigs for Kids or just click on the Wigs for Kids logo I have on the right-side column of this page, it’s there 365 days a year, that’s how important this is. Donating your hair is so easy and it grows back. I’ve done it five times in my lifetime, I have even gone with my godchild, my little princess pirate as she donated hers (twice now), she is seven years old and even she can feel the importance of helping. Can you? Actually, how can you not is the bigger question.

selfishHair: Vanity Hair, Selfish **2014 Hair Fair** .

The take from? Yep, there is one today. Hair Fair is always such a fun event in Second Life, whether you buy hair and a portion of your donation goes to the Wigs for Kids (gotta love a donation when you receive something in return) or if you donate outright to event. But when you are buying, don’t forget the purpose and buy generously and to make it easy, tomorrow July 12, 2014, the opening day, I will be posting the SLURL’s here for you to easily TP to your favorite designers. The challenge? If you wish to donate, and I hope you will, I am going to hold funds to donate to Wigs for Kids again this year. Each day I will tally the amount received and on the 27th day of July I will post your name (or anonymous if you prefer) and donation amount and the copy of the transfer to Wigs for Kids on this blog page. See up there at the top? The very first sentence ending in L? That is the starting balance, that is my donation. Will you help me get it close to the 56,502L’s we raised last year and donated to Wigs for Kids? I sure hope so.

15 thoughts on “Kiss A Lover

  1. I am so happy you are going to post the Url’s to all those stores. I been demoing for a couple days and now have about 30 new hairs to get…still more to demo tho. I have donated my Hair to Wigs For Kids in the past, but now just trying to keep it the same color and texture…those damn grey ones are so squiggly. See you at the Hair Fair Dollface ❤

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