As We Age

When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not; but my faculties are decaying now and soon I shall be so I cannot remember any but the things that never happened. It is sad to go to pieces like this but we all have to do it. ~ Mark Twain

As We AgeHair: *Argrace*, Kanade **2014 Hair Fair** . Outfit: GizzA, Rebel Summer **NEW** .

As we age I think we learn patience and understanding. My mother’s computer skills, or lack there of have oft been trying to my patience. You know the conversations, the ones that start with “my printer isn’t working” and I reply “is it on?” only to be met with a “never mind, its working now.” Having been around computers my entire life I’ve never understood how a lot of the older generation is in some way frightened of them. Well, I never understood until now that is. When I graduated from the University of Florida I kept my email address. I don’t know why really. I don’t actually use it very often and just check it sporadically. I suppose I kept it because it brings me pride that I graduated from the college of my dreams, or perhaps because it looks pretty kick arse on that application for employment I put in at McDonald’s.. Sadly though, I fear I am becoming my mother and reaching the end of my computer literate days.

As We AgeHair: Miamai, Sprout **2014 Hair Fair** . Shirt: David Heather, Mugler Vest .

Every once in a while the email requires you to change your password and this last time, actually every single time lately, I’ve found it to be an impossible trial. It went sort of like this:

New password: Imagator3 *You can’t use the same password as last time and just add a different number*

New password: GatorGirl4 *You aren’t allowed to use real words*

New password: G*trGurl!12 *You aren’t allowed to use these symbols*

New password: OMFGgimmemydamnemailnow3 *password accepted*

The take from? All was well and good until about 3 months later when I went to check my email. I forgot my password. Yeah, I know. You can retrieve it by answering a few personal questions. *Who was your first grade best friends first crush?* Dam this getting old is as fun as a sack of bricks. I’m sure going to miss that email address.

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13 thoughts on “As We Age

  1. OMG I have cursed the password monster more times than I can count…how dare he tell me I have used a password before when I can’t remember ever using it! If I can’t remember it, how in the heck will anybody else manage to hack in? It’s just not logical!

  2. See, all you have to do to grab my full attention for a blog post is use that word.. .age.. .. As for computers and email.. I have a rule.. Those who are not on my FB (yes I do have a page just to keep track of those I dont wanna loose contact with) or on my whatsapp list, are sadly doomed to use post pigeons to contact me. I never have gotten used to email. Its like wiping your arse with those wet tissues instead of paper and then wash up properly. It just doesnt jive. Ok this is going south so fast.. I blame the coffee this morning ❤

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