Being a Princess

I think every young girl at some point in her early life wonders what it’s like to be a princess. They like the idea of dressing up and the fun of it. ~Julie Andrews

Being a PrincessHair: Truth, Malibu2 **Uber event** . Eyes: VerseEye . Skin: Go & See, Leo .

Seriously, what’s wrong with wanting to test the waters? I’ll admit it, I don’t wear formals much. Ah ‘ell forget that, in all honesty, you typically have to grab me kickin’ and screaming to wear one. The couple of times I had to be a bridesmaid I whined and cried so much my gf’s all said next go round, I could sit it out. The one time I tried to point out there should be no expectation of a next time I was told to sit down, put my spanx on and quit my crabbing. Geesh, I need a better lot of friends. Or at least a more casual set of them. Don’t get me wrong, I love sexy, and cocktail parties, but true formal gown? That princess left when I was about ten. The problem with this thinking? I find it mighty perplexing that I went out of my way to purchase Kungler’s new gown, Rebecca. Couldn’t resist actually because it was love at first sight. Kungler’s always has the most scrumptious color palette, and this one comes in 6 colors (I believe) so you are sure to find one that looks divine with your skin tone.

Being a PrincessGown: Kunglers, Rebecca . Poses: Slouch . Tree: Boudoir, Painting Roses in Red .

The take from? A lot of little girls do wish they were princesses. And it’s actually not as bad a thing as many feminists might believe. If you look closely, the princess archetype is not about passivity and decorativeness: It is about power and the recognition of the true self. Little girls are obsessed with princesses for the same reason little boys are obsessed with action heroes. Princesses are typically strong natured women who can command an army, rule a country, simply bestow, with her presence, a sense of magic, excitement and healing. What girl wouldn’t be drawn to such a captivating character, given how few other female role models you can say that about in our popular culture? It doesn’t have to be about what’s on the outside, if you have a little one who wants to be a princess allow her to develop her imagination by playing with a different script. You know the one, the one where the princess is helpful to others, kind, and even sometimes saves the day with her crafty cleverness.

The take from? I get it, who wants to grow up obsessing about what they aren’t and wish they were . But play time should be all about that, playing. And the social and imagination skills children are developing in their youth are the cornerstone of what makes a creative adult. Heck, that’s quite a feat in itself if you realize most of our structured education during our cognitive learning years is trying to teach us to conform and suck the creativity out of most of us by the time we reach 18. Remember when you used to love coloring? Ever wonder what happened to its appeal? Yep, seven times out of ten you can thank modern education for it. Let the schools do their thing, but let’s continue to do ours. In fact, over the weekend my little God-princess and I were playing McDonald’s drive-up window while in the swimming pool. Do I think she will grow up to work there? With her expensive taste in clothes, I don’t think so. Anyway, that’s just something I was pondering recently and thought it’s make more sense if I keyed it up here, so take it for what its worth to you, I know, I know, prolly not all that much. Check out Uber and Kunglers, I know you will be glad you did. Here ya are, I even included the Taxi for you, I’m a nice Lil Cao like that.

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