Mellow Tides Clear the Weekend

“Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.” ~ Washington Irving


Crown: ieQED, Burst metal crown **L’Accessoires** . Jewelry: Kungler’s Extra, Metalica  **L’Accessoires**  . Hair: Vanity Hair, Eden .

On wings and above oceans, in the days where it rained to the left while the sun peeked
from the right, and underneath magical dewdrop butterfly breezes, she stood in the wind,
in the freedom of imagination where windows were doorways to heaven, and fairy dust fell
from the ceilings that contained her heart…

above the roaring of high tide and next to the balcony where the winds untied the braids
her mother had placed carefully in her hair, her tiny hands lifted, up, towards storm
clouds and hidden suns…

and she blew, exacting her breath to dandelion seed releasing, and counted made~up nursery
rhymes, as she fluttered her heart…

and out of her mouth flew a butterfly, wings beating in the rhythm of love, her eyes
opened and she reached her palms to the ceiling, watched drapes fall from wings and….

fairy dust…

take flight, and she whispered in a voice intelligent enough to only belong to a little girl,

“Goodbye, my heart, flutter your wings to the sky, then find me one day, sprinkle me with
smiles, find me and take me…

home.” Jeanmarie Marchese


Dress: Baiastice, ❤  Calypso  **Collabor88** . Skin: Glam Affair, Margo . Hands: Slink . Poses: Katink .

That’s about all. I hope your weekend is remarkably mellow and surrounded with those you enjoy the most. ❤






6 thoughts on “Mellow Tides Clear the Weekend

    1. You are so kind dear Arjun. i simply adore you! I did not write it but since I am taking the little god daughter to the beach right now it seemed appropriate, she dances the tides like a little butterfly. Muwah darlin man! Enjoy your day

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