Restless in Kashmir

A camel makes an elephant feel like a jet plane. ~Jackie Kennedy
Cao~Traveling the desert -crop 2
I have so often been fascinated by the iconic picture of the young woman nomad in National Geographic magazine. ( The young girls face spoke of the harshness of her life and it was as if you could read her soul through her eyes.  With that in mind, I sought to style a Second Life version of this beloved picture. Of course I failed to realize exactly how difficult it would turn out to be. Two weeks of styling later, tons of prim editing, and an appointment with my much loved best friend  and photographer Skip Staheli and I reckon I kinda like the way it turned out. How about you?
Cao~Traveling the desert
Hat: Miamai, Kezia AsaseYa Turban
Earrings: Kunglers Extra, Luna
Scarf: ~Soedara~, Solstice Head shawl
Tunic: Zaara, Mahari
Head Jewel: ZC, Nizam Jhoomar  & Tikka (edited)
Skin: H & P, Emma
Eyemakeup: Zibska
Hands: SLink
ear worm:















19 thoughts on “Restless in Kashmir

  1. Interesting, Cao! I find the original photograph (Nat Geo) quite disturbing because it appears to me to be a harassed human being who has too harsh a life. Her eyes have pin prick pupils, which may be due to the flash camera but that again denotes to me the girl suffers from a lack of proper spiritually in that she has closed the ‘windows of the soul’ right up.
    In your interpretation this is not the case, you manage to bring out the beauty of what should be a young girl enjoying her life, albeit in a shaded society. ❤ Moz

    1. Very much agree with you Moz, She looks defeated (especially in the older photo) I think in the younger she looks haunted a little too. I think you are probably spot on in your assessment I think what I see is perhaps her remarkable beauty. Thank you sooOOooo much for sneaking in here, it’s always such a pleasure to “see” and hear from you my friend! xo ❤ Cao

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