Naked & Exposed

Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside. ~Lady Gaga
Not too often do I shoot a picture without makeup.  I admit, I kept the eyeliner on and a gloss but that’s all. It’s amazing how much the appearance really changes without makeup, even on an avatar. The point of all this? None, actually. Just perhaps, my Second self is a reflection of my first self. I’m a gooey mush on the inside and when I get reflective about what if’s, people I miss and time gone by, I dig out the comfort clothes, foods and music. So I reckon since my first self is definitely feeling Friday mellow-ish, I oughta let Cao take a break too. I hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend, I know I do!
Hat: OVH, Headwrap
Jewelry: Alienbear,  Mei Mei Dragon & Dragon Scale  **La Metallique Fair**
Shirt: Rowne, Binx top  **Collabor88**
Pants: Rowne, Shiu trousers **Collabor88**
Shoos: ProMagic, Drug shoos  **La Metallique Fair**
Hands/Feet: Slink
Skin/Brows: Glam Affair, Rosa
Pouffe: [Gos]
ear wax:








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