I think I’ll be going to Heaven, because I had good intentions. But my actions are another thing. ~Curtis Jackson


I know! How bad of me! I said I was going to show some of the upcoming Rock Your Rack event items. I am such a bad, bad, Cao.. but! But! how could I? I haven’t shown you this new pretty from Leezu Baxter of Leezu! I knew you would be gravely angry with me if I kept this gorgeousness hidden away for just me, just me, my precious. Yikes! skeered myself there a moment, I kinda sounded like Gollum.


Such a softly feminine gown, the perfect necklace, “Nightingale”  from AvaGardner of Kungler’s Extra and a mussed easy style hair “Kalli 2” created by Marisa Kira of D!va. Easy, but gorgeous style.  See? Now wasn’t that worth the wait until tomorrow to see the pretties from Rock Your Rack? I hope you have a wonderful night!



Cao~ bringing sexy back! 😉


I’ll even include the taxi, I’m kinda a nice like that! If I have to be… I guess..






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