While She Lay Sleeping

For my DraaDraa Dragon, Draakje Dailey – The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook ~Julia Child

posh pixels

Yesterday was a cacophony of over-zealous mother and 7 year old Helen on Wheels, exhausted I fell into bed last night about midnight. As the sun rose in my face, I wandered out here to my living room only to find I could have slept in, the mama and the princess are still sound asleep. I won’t though, I somehow think I am going to need a little extra quiet time this morning before it ramps up around here again… with the addition of my “bother” and his children. It’s days like this I just want to crawl up in Second Life and take a nap. Naw, just kidding. Life is Good. I hope you are surrounded with the good in your weekend travels as well! Don’t forget September 1st, at midnight SLT! Rock Your Rack from Models Giving Back is online with proceeds going to National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Part of the event is a 10L Hunt, so everyone can afford to participate! Well looky der, that was short, the littlest of the bunch has arisen…

posh pixels1

Rock Your Rack Hunt
Runs – 9/26 – 10/1

Items are 10L each

Hunt Item – Clothes hanger

Hunt Location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lucky%20Island/192/47/3002
Rock Your Rack is a fundraising event created by Models Giving Back in the virtual world SecondLife to support the real world efforts of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Look for coat hangers in the booths




Hair: Vanity Hair, Alien

Dress w Necklace: {Posh Pixels}, Hope **Rock Your Rack** exclusive (100% proceed donated) 




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