Enquiring Minds

I know it must be true, I read it in the Enquirer ~ Caoimhe Lionheart


A little novelty, I was recently approached by my FB friend Debby Sharma of the SL Enquirer to do a candid interview on exactly what my style is. Those who know me know that particular subject is as mercurial as a Diva’s attitude, but I did my best to participate though I told her from the beginning I am quite dull. She also interviewed Molly Legendoll, Strawberry Singh, and Tadeau Gartner, so to see their excerpts just follow the linky! http://www.slenquirer.com/2014/09/fashion-spotlight-on-trendy-avatars.html

Debby Sharma: How would you define your personal style? Does it change with the seasons?

Caoimhe Lionheart:  I would have to say my personal style is a tad bit left of centre. I don’t “fit” into any certain style. I am too gawky and awkward to be considered elegant, nor am I classic, casual, or girl next door. Heck, I’ve even been known to model menswear a time or two… or three. I would have to say I have an offbeat whimsical style. Dare I say eccentric? When I post a blog for a designer I am at the whims of the designer as their clothes are what should be centre-stage and I am just a mannequin, but if you look at the personally styled blog pics that give me more freedom to play, I always try to put a more artistic flair to the looks. I don’t really style for the seasons, I would say I am more of a mood stylist. I style by my mood.

Debby Sharma: How often do you go shopping for your clothes and accessories?

Caoimhe Lionheart: Actually, believe it or not, I don’t go out shopping often at all. Like in RL I do a lot of “online” shopping, sort of catalogue shopping the marketplace.  Often designers will give me things, which is quite enjoyable. And I imagine I will have to wander out a bit more now that I’ve left most of my blog groups, but for now I hop here or there if I have to but otherwise I just dig into my inventory and play with what’s there. I trek out into the world on occasion when I am trying to find the perfect “something” that an outfit is lacking, but that’s about it. I am sooooOOooo boring in reality.

Debby Sharma: Can you give me a rundown of your current outfit including shoes?

Caoimhe Lionheart: I am really weird. Sometimes when I style something it takes me a few days to pull the entire look together. It’s one of the reasons I recently made the decision to blog less than my typical every day upload. Lately when I was blogging daily I was no longer enjoying it, or even liking the pictures very much because I wasn’t given the chance to style them in a “Cao-like” way. I will still have to blog daily for events, like the upcoming “Rock Your Rack” event (starts September 1st!)  benefitting Breast Cancer Awareness, but for the most part, I can be in any state of undress, or dress at any given moment. Heck, I’ve even been known to shop shoo-less and wearing knickers a time or two, it’s actually kind of expected of me and I’d sure hate to disappoint anyone! So to answer your question, right now I am wearing “Ison’s” gold embellished divine bustier with Slink feet and hands, [Mandala] ears, and shoo-less. Though, to tell a little secret on myself, unless someone gives me shoos to blog I never wear them. I know! So incredibly ungirl-like! My avatar is so much like me; we are kindred’s, she and I. And I like to feel my walk through life, learning my correct path by the feel of it underfoot and my Lil Cao is much the same way. It’s brought us from there to here, so it must be okay.

Style card other than the items mentioned above:

Hair: Tuty’s, Adorable

Hat: Bliss Couture, Florentine

Stole: [LWL], Vesuvias, (part of)

Top:  Ison, Divine Bustier  **Collabor88**

Skirt: Gizza, tutu

Skin: Glam Affair


Debby Sharma: Where do you like to shop?

Caoimhe Lionheart:  I have so many favorite designers I wouldn’t dare make a list just in case one momentarily slips my mind. I can be a forgetful little chit like that. I walk around my real life writing little Cao notes in my handy dandy notebook all the time but still sometimes things slip by me. But I will tell you this; I am madly in love with shape. If you see a designer who creates items that appear 3 dimensional with unusual shapes, quirky-ness or outlandishly different, I’m there! The hauter, the better as couture fits my personality to a “T”. It is something I feel deep in my soul, I mean, I can wear off the rack in real life, why shouldn’t I expect more than prêt-à-porter in my Second Life?

Debby Sharma: With autumn fast approaching what colors and trends do you think will be most popular?

Caoimhe Lionheart:  If the designers follow the actual real world pantone color trends we should be seeing colors in pastels like a peachy nude, lavenders and lilacs, softer colors will be big, as well at the jewel tones, like emerald, cranberry and hot pinks. Gone is the drab standard red and blacks of winter to be replaced with cerulean, fuchsia and scrumptious tangerines. From what I have researched, real world fashion is showing a lot of boxier styles, silks, leathers, feathers, and the always romantic laces, so I do hope Second Life will follow suit. I simply love designs with a soft see-thru lace offering a peek of skin here or there.


I hope you like the interview, and please help support the SL Enquirer and my friend Debby by popping over to the website and checking out what the other interviewee’s are up to!


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