Home Shopping Network

“I could have a thousand extra dollars in my checking account. I don’t know why I’m laughing. It makes me wanna cry.” ~ Shannon Smith (Home Shopping Network).

senso                 Hat: Argrace, Cowboy Kanade . Over-alls: .:Senso:. . Dungaree Pocket Shorts, RYR Top **Rock Your Rack** .

I know most of you know about my love-hate relationship with Spanx, what can I say? I love chocolate but love my little black dress too, I am unrepentant. But did you know that’s not the only thing in this world I have a love hate relationship with? I used to do a lot of shopping at places like TJMaxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Bealls Outlet, oh, and my fave of faves Tuesday Morning. Have you ever been to one? They are amazing for buying cool stuffs for your home. The last time I went there though I kind of got the feeling I probably should never go back. I found these really gorgeous crystal wine glasses. I picked up eight of them to purchase and headed to the checkout line, but when it was my turn in line,  as she was wrapping my glasses,  I decided I probably should grab two more because if two broke, then I’d only have six. I explained what was going on to the clerk, apologized to the person in line behind me and ran back to pick up two more of the goblets. Slightly out of breath from the excitement of it all, I hand the newest goblets to the clerk who remarks, “I was taught you should always buy things in twelve’s, my mama says that’s just the way it’s supposed to be done.” Seriously, I am so ashamed, I’d never once heard of that rule and I thought I knew all the rules about these things having been a maid of honor at the numerous weddings of my posse. Yikes! I can’t break the rules, you guys know what a stickler for this stuff I am. I glance at the lady behind me, still polite, but tapping her foot a little, and remark “Do you mind? I’d hate to break some rule, I need to run back there and grab two more glasses.”  She nodded, OK and I ran back to the aisle to pick up the last two glasses. I returned a bit winded and at this point the line was 5 people deep all in different arrays of angst about my delay. I felt remorse, I truly did, selfishly keeping these people from their shopping.  Contrite, I paid for my purchases and left vowing to never return. Unless I wear a wig and dark glasses of course.

15071794275_90171c2dbb_o                 Hair: Vanity Hair, Kissing a Frog . Dress: Pixystix, We Are Stars Hoot Dress **RYR** . Skin: OONA, in cream **RYR** .

The take from? Yep, so embarrassed with myself, I’ve not been back to Tuesday Morning and that was about a year ago. Naw, don’t worry about it. Luckily I discovered a little known secret called Home Shopping Network where you watch your TV late at night and can buy things for awesome prices. Just last weekend I saw the cutest little “Hello Kitty” toaster with kick arse pricing. I bought a dozen of them.



19 thoughts on “Home Shopping Network

  1. Lol…I just love you little moo.I adore Tuesday Morning and I actually did purchase something from HSN…it was a door mat with two legs, in B&W striped hose and ruby slippers…the caption read “Ding dong…” I could not resist. 😛 ❤ ❤

  2. You named every store except the Tuesday Morning, that I absolutely hate shopping at! We don’t have TM stores down where I am. The other stores I find they are always a mess so I stopped going to them.

  3. Love Tuesday Morning but don’t want more stuff. I made a vow that if I don’t see it for a year I don’t need it so I give it to someone that might lol. I did love the story too. You are just the cutest thing ever ❤

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